The past two years have seen a lot of hype for emerging technologies. How are brands using it? In this article, we'll cover that and more.

We will discuss where small businesses fit in this space and how they can use emerging tech.

Virtual Experiences

1. Patrón Spirits

There was a virtual pop-up event in the Metaverse.

emerging tech example: patron spirits

The event was hosted on Decentraland, a virtual browser based platform.

There were three pop-up events dedicated to the brand.

In the virtual experience there was a chance to win a trip and NFT Wearables if you collected badges through the quests.

It is possible for a brand to reach a wider audience with a virtual pop up event. The metaverse is a hot topic and can benefit brands.

2. Nike

The virtual world was introduced by Nikeland.

emerging tech example: nikeland

Nikeland is a place where users can move their bodies.

They say Nikeland gives classic games a new twist. Anyone who enjoys gaming can enjoy Nikeland.

Why is it for Nike? Users play these games while wearing Nike gear. This plays to promote active products from the brand.


3. Paramount

The first digital collection featuring Star Trek would be released in partnership with RECUR.

emerging tech example: paramount

Users can collect NFT ships from the Star Trek Universe through Paramount's new marketplace.

Pam Kaufman, president of consumer products and experiences, said in a press release that this collection will allow fans to own a piece of a popular franchise.

Some fans argue that Star Trek and NFTs don't align due to the environment.

NO NO NO NO NO NO. This is against everything Trek should stand for. This is the anti-Trek.

— Michael Crawford (@MiklCraw4d) April 4, 2022

Top Gun, Rugrats, and Hey! are just some of the popular TV shows that have been released by the brand. There is a person named Arnold.

4. Heineken

Some moments are better shared in person.

Heneiken Silver is a virtual beer that pokes fun at the digital world.

They have fun copy like this on their site.

website copy for Heineken's virtual beer: “Our virtual beer is made only from the freshest pixels: no malt, no hops, no yeast, no water and also, no beer. The result? An unusual & inaccessible premium lager with a tech and meta finish that no one can enjoy.

With so many brands wondering how or even if they should join this trend, Heineken shows how to successfully do so.


5. Airbnb

We don't talk enough about how much time and resources it takes to create high quality content.

Content is a large investment for both small and large companies. This area is often neglected by brands. is one of the writing tools that are looking to solve this. Artificial intelligence writing software can write anything from a social media caption to a long-form post in a matter of seconds.

The great thing about these writing tools is that they allow you to focus on polishing rather than writing.

Artificial intelligence is used by companies to support their marketing efforts.

How to Use Experimental or New Technology on an SMB Level

Everyone is talking about web 3, the metaverse, and NFTs. Small business owners feel like they are not able to keep up with the times.

This space is very experimental. Our report shows that most consumers don't know what web3 is.

Small businesses don't have to jump into the metaverse yet.

Small brands might not have the resources to host virtual events. They can experiment in ways that align with their brands.

Take Hanifa. New designs weren't showcased at fashion shows in 2020.

The brand hosted a 3D fashion show in May and went live on social media.

The models were invisible as they walked down the runway against a black backdrop.

This approach was the first of its kind in the fashion industry. In an interview with Vogue, founder and designer Anifa Mvuemba said that she always wanted to do a show like this and that the Pandemic gave her the perfect chance.

Emerging technology is all about experimenting and being innovative.

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The story was originally published on September 19th, but was updated on September 19th.