Despite a loss to Miami, Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson is showing what he’s capable of.

Lamar Jackson is making people feel bad.

Jackson is sticking it to the Ravens just as hard as anyone else. He threw for over 200 yards with three touchdown passes and two incompletions in the first half of Baltimore's game against the Miami Dolphins.

Jackson is not responsible for the collapse of Baltimore's defense in the fourth quarter. He threw a 75-yard touchdown pass and ran for a 79-yard touchdown, becoming the first player to do both in a game.

Jackson is doing it in a certain way. He did rush for nearly 40 yards on six carries in the first 30 minutes of the game, but he isn't looking to take off and run. The young star is trying to show his franchise that they should have paid him more in the off-season.

Jackson wants a fully guaranteed $200 million contract, but the Ravens aren't going to give him one. The $290 million offer was turned down by Jackson because it wasn't guaranteed. He is on track to make $23 million this year, which is a bargain for Baltimore.

At this point, the Ravens and their owner would be crazy not to pay.

If Jackson continues his hot streak, Baltimore could be in serious trouble. His play this week was outstanding. Baltimore looks silly if they let him walk.

The Ravens will be in a difficult situation if Jackson can keep up his play. When he won the award unanimously, he became only the second player in history to win the award multiple times. The first one was Tom Brady.

Jackson is sticking to his plan. Some people want you to believe that he is negotiating without an agent, but that is not true. Richard Sherman was criticized after he settled for just $3 million guaranteed in his contract talks with the 49ers. Sherman was seen as past his prime but he made the Pro Bowl in 2019. The spotlight wasn't as bright because Sherman wasn't a quarterback

Baltimore is months away from making a difficult decision. The franchise has had some tough ones in the past. They can either refuse to guarantee Jackson's deal or risk him walking away from the team at the end of the season. Lamar is the only once-in-a- generation franchise quarterback that Baltimore will be able to find. The Colts and Packers did it that way.

Jackson is setting himself up for a huge amount of money with how he is playing early in the season. A team will be willing to take a chance on a formerMVP and one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Baltimore should not allow this type of talent to leave.

It is difficult to find a quarterback that can put your team in the playoffs. The Ravens might allow Jackson to walk over to another team without any compensation, even though they have that. It would be difficult to swallow if you are a Ravens fan.