Evans and Lattimore ejected after Bucs, Saints scuffle (0:45)

Both teams get into a big fight as Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore are thrown out. There is a time and a place for this.

3:53 PM ET

Both Lattimore and Evans were thrown out of the game for fighting.

Evans and Lattimore were involved in a bench clearing brawl in the fourth quarter of the game.

The two players have been involved in it before. Lattimore and Evans dislike each other so much that Evans pushed Lattimore in the back. Evans was not allowed to play in the game.

During a game in 2020, Evans knocked Lattimore's helmet off, resulting in a $10,500 unnecessary fine for Lattimore.

The Bucs were going to punt after Brady's deep pass to Miller on third-and-5 fell incomplete. Lattimore was covering Miller on the play and seemed to wave his arm at Brady as Brady walked by him after the play.

Brady looked at Lattimore and saw Leonard Fournette shoving Lattimore. Marcus Maye and Evans got involved as Lattimore pushed Fournette back.

Evans shoved Lattimore and knocked him to the ground after walking back to the sideline. Maye followed Evans as Lattimore approached Evans again.

flags were thrown when Maye and Evans hit the ground together. Lattimore ended up on the floor. As the brawl got worse, Lattimore stood up and yelled at his teammates to get him back.

After the fight was over, Lattimore was walked off the field by Jordan. One of the team captains, Demario Davis, came over to talk to Lattimore on the sideline.

Lattimore and Evans were thrown out. Evans handed his gloves to two fans as he left the field.

The need to keep their emotions in check was a topic of discussion. In the last two games between the teams, Brady has thrown a tablet on the sideline. In the last two years, the Saints did not win a regular-season game against the Bucs.

Brady's first regular-season win over the Saints came after four straight losses.

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