queen elizabeth vigil

Prince Harry got to wear his military uniform after all as he and his family continue to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II, according to reports.

Princess Anne's kids, Prince Andrew's daughters and Prince Edward's young ones were among the many people who attended Saturday's armed forces getup.

queen elizabeth vigil

The other grandkids covered the edges of the Queen's coffin. The people stood in silence for 15 minutes.

When Will was in uniform, Harry was in civilian clothes as they took his grandmother's casket to lie in state. He got to wear military garb after King Charles changed his mind.

prince andrew

He is not the only Royal who received a special pass for this event. At the request of the King, Prince Andrew was given permission to wear his military uniform during the Queen's children's candle lighting ceremony on Friday.

It's not clear why Charles flipped, but it's clear that Harry didn't ask for it, and they continued to mourn.