• Many cases are sent to us. Some of them are good but not great in our opinion. You might enjoy them.

    • Moft Snap MagSafe Case for $40: I recommend snagging this in black or clear, because the white color option shows the faint outline of the MagSafe ring and doesn't look good. Otherwise, the buttons are easy to press, the mute switch is accessible, and Moft has strengthened the magnets here—I can attest that it's certainly harder to pry some MagSafe accessories off of it. I just don't find it all that fun to look at or pleasant to the touch.
    • Nomad Sport MagSafe Case for $40: The edges around the case could stand to be raised a little more, and as someone who bites their nails, I had trouble accessing the mute switch. The buttons are snappy, and I like how the thermoplastic elastomer bumper feels, but the PET backplate is a little too glossy for my taste.
    • Nomad Modern Leather Folio MagSafe Case for $60: You can fit three cards (maybe more if you squeeze them into the slots) and some cash into this leather folio case. The microfiber lining is nice to the touch and you get MagSafe support. I'm just not a fan of how the wallet sits over the iPhone's screen when it's closed—it doesn't align perfectly and looks a bit sad.
    • Smartish Gripmunk Case for $15: There's no MagSafe ring, but this thin case did a decent job of sticking to a few MagSafe wireless charging stands. As the name suggests, the bumper has a fun grippy texture that makes the phone stay firmly in your hand and not on the ground. (The edges are also raised pretty well.) The buttons are decent, but pushing them makes a sound that's a little squishy. The low price makes it forgivable, and it even comes in various styles.
    • Spigen Optik Armor MagSafe Case for $27: I have never felt the need to have a privacy cover on the rear camera of my smartphone, but hey, now that you can use your iPhone as a webcam, maybe it's something you're looking for. Just slide the privacy cover to the right to open up the module when you want to use the cameras. It feels protective overall, with a thick and rigid bumper all around the display, snappy buttons, and a leather-like texture on the back.
    • OtterBox Otter + Pop Symmetry Case for $60: If you love using a PopSockets grip all the time, then it might be worth snagging this case. It's quite bulky and thick, but you can push out the grip to add some stability. You can also pop out the grip completely to wirelessly charge your iPhone 14, but it's a little inconvenient. There's no MagSafe support, but everything else checks out.
    • Incipio Duo ($45), AeroGrip ($60), Idol ($55), Organicore ($45), and Forme ($50): Incipio sent me a whole batch of its cases to test and, honestly, I did not care much for any of them. They were all perfectly fine cases with MagSafe support (except for the Organicore), but none had a particularly interesting design or texture. They're just kind of blasé.
    • Coach Slim Wrap Case for $64: I kind of like this leather case. It's not going to protect your phone all that much since some parts of the edges are exposed, but it's slim and feels elegant. It's a shame there's no MagSafe support, and it also costs a pretty penny.
  • There are some cases that are not worth your time or money. These were not included in the cut.

    When I attached this case, things were going well. The edges are barely raised and it's not meant to protect your phone from a drop. It felt good. The aramid fiber doesn't add much to the phone. It would have been good for scratch protection. The case was sunk by the protection around the camera module. The bumper around the camera is not attached correctly, so it makes a clink when I tap it or put the phone on a table. That's really bad.

    The wallet Slayer is a smartish wallet. Smartish expects you to use your own credit card as a kickstand, but this case doesn't have a lot going for it. Really. It's even less appealing when you don't have MagSafe and wireless charging support. The canvas texture is nice, but the buttons are a bit squishy. It was difficult to fit the cards.

    The magnetic connection isn't very strong and I've had difficulty pulling the kickstand out with my small nails. It doesn't stay upright in horizontal orientation. The case protects it. The buttons are nice and accessible.

    It looks nice. The power button is so hard to press that you can only fit two cards. There is no Magsafe support.

  • Before we recommend a case, we check that the ports, microphone holes, and speakers are not blocked and that the case fits the phone well. We want to know if the buttons are clicky or mushy, and if it is easy to access the switch. The MagSafe compatibility is checked by testing cases with various accessories.

    We don't do drop tests because we don't have enough phones to run through them. Case-makers may claim that they have 10 foot drop protection, but that doesn't mean much. Unless you're using an ultra-rugged case with complete protection, there's still a good chance that your cased-up iPhone can fall.