A user in a TikTok performs as a woman in the 1950's and a woman in the 20th century.

The 1950s woman wearing an apron asked if she could work outside the home.

"Totally, you can just sit in a cubicle all day and stare at a computer screen," says the modern woman. It's so freeing.

The birth control pill and dating apps are some of the things that mock bashes. There are groups of people who are against feminism and for a Christian view of womanhood. Many women online are against feminism in order to have a more fulfilling life of submission to a man. People longing for the 1950s are mostly white.

These people are anti-feminists, but they are also against capitalism. They claim that feminism ruined women's lives because they had to work to survive.

They aren't right.

Feminism isn't the reason women work in cubicles and then go home to clean and make doctor's appointments. Feminism isn't the reason that women can't afford to stay at home, it's the other way around. It's capitalism.

Feminism also isn't the reason women are still disproportionately saddled with childcare duties, why they took on as much as three times additional childcare hours during the pandemic than men.

Feminism isn't the reason women are more likely to take on more hours of work than men during the H1N1 epidemic. It's not feminism.

This clip of Mock, who didn't respond to Mashable's request for comment, went viral on social media when it was posted by a media personality who goes by the name Hugoboom. The editor-in-chief of Evie Magazine is no stranger to posting this.

They claim that feminism is a scam made by our overlords to tax women's income. According to an article on Evie's website, feminism is a psyop in order for women to pay more taxes to the government. Wage stagnation and increased income inequality are not mentioned. The person hasn't replied to the request for comment.

Disillusionment after the girlboss era of feminism is understandable. "Hustling" to be the "She-E-O" will not bring you fulfillment as many of us have learned. That's not because girlboss feminism is feminism, it's capitalism. We were conditioned since birth to want a career that was a dream job. Like how women before us were conditioned to want to be homemakers, the reality wasn't as pretty as you might think.

Shattering the tradwife fantasy

If you were lucky, life for real 1950s housewives was boring. Domestic violence was considered a private family matter until the women's liberation movement of the 1960's and 70's. According to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, between 10 and 14 percent of women are raped by their husbands.

Female suicide rate dropped 20 percent when states adopted no fault divorce. Domestic violence and murder rates went down.

The problem that has no name was dealt with with sedatives by women in the mid-century. Five years after the introduction of the tranquilizer Miltown, women were twice as likely as men to be prescribed "mother's little helpers."

The drug was pushed onto women in order to better care for their husbands. "One doctor reported that after taking the drug, 'frigid women who abhorred marital relations reported they responded more readily to their husbands' advances'."

The people who weren't advertised to drink were. It's funny that you don't see those ads on TikTok.

Women aren't "natural" caretakers

Women are meant to be homemakers and mothers according to one of the arguments of the tradfem set. One Evie article states that women are the heart of the household and that men are the head and that women are better suited for housework.

Maternal instinct is a myth. When the "nuclear family" was the ideal it was inconsistent with neuroscience. Women are better suited for this labor because of their gender differences. The amount of time spent with a child is more important than the gender of the parent according to studies.

There is a societal expectation that women should want to be mothers and take care of the house. This myth is perpetuated by some men in order to get out of housework.

The cracks can be seen when you peel back the layers. The 1950s wife would like to know if she has a butler or a robot. She wants help with the housework and not just leaving the house. Her husband could help her. If a husband and wife were a true team, what would that look like? That's feminism, that's...

Capitalism in casual sex

TikTok talks about hookup culture. The woman says she can have sex with anyone.

The 1950s woman said that it sounded gross.

"The answer to dissatisfying casual sex isn't reverting back to the pre-pill 1950s."

Feminism isn't to blame for casual sex being unsatisfactory. Our on-demand capitalist culture has led to the rise of hookup culture. It makes sense that we would want dates in an instant like we want food or entertainment.

Comprehensive sex education is the answer to the problem of casual sex. Sex education leads to fewer sexual partners and fosters healthy relationships.

The people who tell you the youngins can't stop can't tell you what they're talking about. The studies show that we're not having as much sex as we used to.

Anti-pill exaggerations

There are arguments against the birth control pill. Evie Magazine claims that the pill is killing our bodies, but it's not true. Some people on the pill have side effects, but other people don't.

The editor-in-chief of Evie Magazine is against pill. The company will be called 28, and it will be a cycle-based company. The birth control pill can be used without an explanation as to how and how it can benefit some people, according to the announcement for 28.

She is emerging as a vocal proponent of anti-feminism. She calls herself a 2x founder on her social media. She can work outside the home as she pleases.

I don't know what to think.