McIlroy reiterates stance that LIV golfers shouldn't be at Ryder Cup (1:01)

While speaking about the future of the game, he spoke about his stance that golf players shouldn't be allowed at theRyder Cup. There is a time and a place for this.

5:04 PM ET

Phil Mickelson said Thursday that he might remove his name from the antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Tour.

The 11 golf players who sued the PGA Tour accused the tour of using its power to suppress competition and of suspending them unfairly.

The lawsuit was filed on August 27.

"I haven't done anything yet, but now that LIV is involved, it's not necessary for me to be a part of it." I'm part of the lawsuit. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I stay in it because of the damages, which I don't really need.

LIV Golf has been fighting with the PGA Tour for the best players in the world. He was one of the first players to sign with LIV, which is funded by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund and fronted by Greg Norman.

Professional golfers are free agents and should be allowed to play wherever they want, according to Phil.

"I think it's important for players to be able to play when and where they want and when and where they're qualified for," said the golfer. If and when the lawsuit is successful, that will be accomplished.

Lefty spent four months away from golf after making comments about the Saudi Arabians. According to the lawsuit, Lefty was suspended for two months by the PGA Tour for trying to recruit players. The appeal committee upheld the suspension. He had played in the first LIV Golf event in London and was not allowed to return to work.

The Tour's conduct cost endorsements and sponsors. The Tour earns vastly more in sponsorship, advertising, and broadcast revenue than any other golf tour, and it is shown regularly on broadcast television in the US.

The four players who were involved in the lawsuit are no longer involved.