According to an AP-NORC poll, President Joe Biden's approval rating rose to 45% in September from a low of 36% two months before.


The President of the United States gave a thumbs up from Air Force One as he prepared to leave from La Crosse.

AFP via Getty Images

According to the AP-NORC poll, Biden's approval rating in August was boosted by a sharp rise in the number of Democrats who approve of him.

The approval of Biden by Republicans went from 5% to 10%.

Despite the good news for the president, a majority of Americans still don't approve of Biden's handling of the economy.

The president's approval rating appears to have been aided by a steep drop in gas prices across the country from a high of $5 per gallon in June.

Biden has tried to cast a threat to democracy in the U.S., which has helped his approval rating.

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There was a 38% increase in the number of people. A majority of Americans approve of Biden's handling of the economy. The president is concerned about the economy and inflation, both of which remain high.

Key Background

After taking a major hit earlier this year due to high inflation, Biden's approval rating has slowly inched upward following a string of high profile wins. Several Republican-controlled states have enacted anti- abortion legislation in the wake of the Supreme Court decision. Biden has accused Trump and 'MAGA Republicans' of engaging in "violence, hate and division" and has made it a point to draw attention to them. The Democrats are in better shape than they were earlier this year. Democrats have a good chance of keeping control of the Senate and possibly expanding their majority, even though Republicans are widely expected to win a majority in the House.

The AP-NORC poll shows Biden's approval going up.

Biden's approval rating went up after a series of unexpected wins.