Three other women testified that Kelly lured them into having sex with him when they were teenagers. Bonjean tried to show that the women were older than 17 when they had sex with the R&B artist, but they insisted that they were younger than that. In the 2008 trial, Lisa Van Allen, a former girlfriend of Kelly, testified that the singer and his coconspirators tried to get tapes of him having a threesome with her and Jane. According to the Chicago Tribune, Van Allen broke down in tears as she described how McDavid suggested that they should have killed her from the beginning.

To cover up the fact that Robert Kelly is a sexual predator, he and his team did their best, according to the assistant US attorney. They did their best, but it wasn't enough.

The witnesses were described as liars and extortionists by the attorneys for Kelly and his co defendants. Bonjean said in her closing argument that if you find a bug in your soup, you throw it out.

There are too many people with the witnesses.

In the 2000s, the lawyers for Brown and McDavid thought the tape at the center of the state's case was a fake. One of the three men who testified in his defense said he wanted to believe Kelly when he denied sexually abusing her and other teenage girls.

The last three weeks. I have learned a lot of things that I didn't know in 2008.

He wanted to believe that the women who said they were abused by Kelly were lying because he loved and believed in the singer.

McDavid said that he was embarrassed and sad as he stood here.

The government will be helped by Wednesday's decision. The singer plans to appeal his conviction in New York. Bonjean pointed out that his team won more counts than they lost.

She said that he was grateful for the support.

The verdict showed how juries still bias against victims. He said that they discounted Kelly's influence on the victim to remain silent.

"My inference is that they blamed the victim for the silence rather than Kelly, and that's what I've been told," he said. The jury did the right thing in convicting Kelly of the child pornography charges, this will ensure some protection for the community in the future.