There isn't an appetite for a national platform here. This is being worked on by my state. I don't know what he's thinking "I don't think there will be a rally around that concept." There isn't much of an appetite to go that way.

Most Republicans and some Senate Democrats supported Graham's past calls for a 20-week abortion ban. His latest effort would leave in place state laws that are even more restrictive, while also imposing new limits on blue states. It came less than 60 days before the elections and itriled some Republicans who are watching their polling advantage shrink.

McConnell said that questions about the bill should be directed to Graham and that most of the Republican senators should do the same. John Cornyn said that Graham went a bit rogue with his latest legislation. The senator made the decision.

Cornyn said of the 50 members of the Senate GOP conference that there were differing opinions on whether abortion law should be decided by the states or by a minimum standard. My preference is for those decisions to be made on a state by state basis.

Many prominent anti-abortion activists have been demanding a far more aggressive response from the GOP because of Graham's bill banning the procedure nationwide after 15 weeks of pregnancies. There are exceptions for rape and incest.

Public polling shows majority opposition to the Supreme Court's decision but also support for some limits on abortion. Republicans often turn the spotlight on Democrats who support no legislative limits on abortion.

The most prominent pro-life groups in America agree that this is where America should be at the federal level. I don't believe this will hurt us. I think it will hurt the Democrats if they try to explain why it's okay to be more like Iran and less like France on abortion.

Senate Republicans did not discuss the subject at their lunch.

The bill could cause a lot of trouble for the Senate hopefuls. McConnell trusted the individual candidates to make their own decisions.

Herschel Walker, the GOP Senate nominee in Georgia, said he would support the legislation.

The killing of babies should be protected right up to the moment of birth. Walker told POLITICO that they needed to do better. I will always stand up for our unborn children. The issue should be decided at the state level.

others are steering clear Tiffany Smiley is a candidate for the Senate in Washington and she believes that states should decide their abortion laws. The GOP Senate nominee in Colorado, Joe O'Dea, made it clear that he doesn't support the bill.

O'Dea supports protecting abortion access early in pregnancies and applying "sensible limits" to late-term procedures.

At a critical moment in the battle for the Senate, several Republican senators said they are mostly disinterested in helping the bill. The Republicans are not in a position to force a vote at the moment. It has no chance of passing the Senate even if they did.

The bill doesn't tackle the big themes Republicans are trying to run on in the elections.

Tillis, who supports Graham's previous 20-week abortion ban, wants to discuss the inflation numbers and other issues with voters.

Some Republicans who support the bill say it could distract them from their pro-reversal strategy. Republicans in both chambers have stuck to their guns since the Supreme Court ruled.

Anti- abortion activists want more. In a letter sent to lawmakers on Monday, dozens of groups called for " important federal policies" including "gestational limits" and "addressing dangerous mail-order chemical abortion"

Ensuring their candidates can endure the wave of Democratic attacks on abortion that are now dominating the airwaves is what the GOP has been focused on.

While Republicans have opposed abortion as a formal party stance for decades, they are often forced to address more precise policy questions such as whether rape survivors should have access to abortion. During the current cycle, several GOP hopefuls stumbled on that, and Democrats have been on offense ever since.

Gary Peters said it was great that Republicans were showing the American people that they were focused on taking away a fundamental right. The House GOP's campaign chief insisted that abortion wouldn't be the focus of the campaign.

The Democrats don't have a message right now. He said Democrats supported a bill that would allow abortion up until a child takes its first breath.

The bill is called the Chinese genocide bill because it's the only one in the world that supports abortion like that.

A spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee said that Emmer was referring to the Democrats' abortion rights bill. The bill does not allow unfettered late-term abortion, but expands access in certain cases.

Sean Patrick Maloney was confused by Emmer's reference to him.

To say that we want to go back to having reproductive freedom is not Chinese genocide or anything like that. I don't know what he's talking about.