There are a number of new features in the new version of the operating system.

iOS 16

Lock Screen/Home Screen Customization

If you tap on the "Customize" interface on the Lock Screen, you'll be able to choose between the Home Screen or the Lock Screen. It's easier to change the look of the iPhone from one spot.

home screen ios 16 1 beta

Matter Support

Apple is preparing for the fall launch of the Matter smart home standard according to a new section in the settings app.

All Matter accessories that have been added to a connected service will be displayed. Adding these can be done with an app that supports Matter. Interoperability between smart devices from different companies will be possible with Matter.

According to the release notes for the update, a profile is required to pair Matter accessories. There are a number of known issues with the Matter standard that can be found on Apple's website.

  • Removing Apple Home from the Matter accessory Connected Services menu in Home doesn't remove the accessory tile.
  • You might receive an alert to turn on Wi-Fi when pairing a Matter accessory.
  • Accessory details might not open if a Matter accessory is unreachable.
  • You might be unable to pair using a Matter ECM code via the Matter Support Framework pairing API.
  • Uncertified accessory notifications might appear when pairing Matter accessories.
  • You might be unable to pair a Matter accessory if the accessory is already paired to a third-party ecosystem.
  • The device that initiates the pairing needs to use the same iCloud account as the home hub. Only the owner of a home, not an invited user, can pair Matter accessories.

Clean Energy Charging

"Clean Energy Charging" is enabled in the battery section of the settings app. When lower carbon emission electricity is available, Clean Energy Charging will attempt to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you want the feature to be turned off, you can do it at any time. It appears to be enabled when you update to the newest version of the operating system.

Live Activities API

There are no apps that support Live Activities at the moment, but developers can begin to implement it.

Delete Wallet App

The option to remove the Wallet app from the iPhone is added in the newest version of the operating system. The app can be removed from the Home Screen but not deleted. It can now be deleted for people who don't use Apple Pay.

Apple is facing a lawsuit accusing it of violating antitrust law by making Apple Pay the only available mobile wallet for tap-to-pay payments on iPhone.

Battery Percentage in Status Bar

The battery icon on the status bar on the iPhones that did not support the feature in iOS 16 are now battery percentage.

ios 16 beta battery percentage icon

Screenshot UI

There is an updated interface in the upper right corner when you close the Screenshot editing tool. The menu used to be at the bottom of the phone, but now it is at the top of the screen.

delete screenshot ui ios 16 1

Other New Features

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