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Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that a bill banning Congress members from trading individual stocks may go to a vote as soon as this month, setting the stage for the long-awaited legislation to take effect.

Speaker Pelosi Holds Weekly News Conference

Nancy Pelosi answered questions during her weekly news conference.

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Pelosi said at the press conference that she believes there will be a product that will be brought to the floor this month.

The answer Pelosi gave was in response to a reporter's question about an analysis released by the New York Times Tuesday that revealed 97 Congress members traded stocks impacted by the work of legislative committees they sit on.

The trading activity of Pelosi's husband has long been scrutinized, but he was not included in the report.

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A bipartisan bill introduced in February called for a ban on Congress members and their families from owning individual securities, including stocks, bonds and commodities. Lawmakers could own mutual funds and exchange traded funds under the proposal. There has been an increase in interest in the trading habits of lawmakers, and a Nancy Pelosi stock tracker has more than 158,000 followers. Lawmakers and their relatives have the ability to spot obscure legislation affecting public companies, despite the fact that insider trading is still against the law.

The public supports the trading ban on a wide scale. A majority of Americans think Congress members shouldn't be allowed to trade stock.


One day before the Senate passed legislation that caused the company's stock to surge, Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, sold his shares in the company. Nancy Pelosi decided to sell the shares at a loss rather than allow the misinformation in the press to continue, according to Drew Hammill, Nancy Pelosi's deputy chief of staff.

Chief Critic

The majority of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have supported restrictions, but a few have spoken out against them. Tuberville has made several trades that represent conflicts of interests.

There are possible conflicts of interest in stock trades reported by nearly a fifth of congress.

Legislators are apparently violating House stock-trading rules.

The Senate is about to pass massive tech subsidies.