Harley Quinn and a floating character on stage.

Last night was the world premiere of the new film, and it might never play again. It is described as a coming-of-age story full of villains and heroes. That is the problem at hand. Future screenings of the film were stopped.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. Discovery may have stopped the filmmakers from showing the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival. Due to rights issues, the film has been withdrawn. io9 reached out to Warner Bros. Discovery but had not heard back as of publication.

The film, directed by and starring Vera Drew, is scheduled to play in October at LA's Beyond Fest. It was announced loud and clear that the arrival of a truly singular creative voice within the cinematic space would be much to our delight and we would not miss the chance to discover this story for the ages. The film has a short trailer.

Drew put up a cryptic message before the screening. I don't know what's going to happen today, but I want you to know if you've been waiting to see our movie, you're going to get to soon. Stay with me and be ready when I'm ready. I need your assistance.

After the screening, the film's director went on to post a number of positive reactions to the film, followed by a lot of angry people. Larry Fried wrote that The People's Joker was a retcon of Batman'sthos as a trans-coming-of-age story. Completely homemade and outrageously funny. The movie DC doesn't want you to see is why you need to see it. Ryan Hancock said yes. He believes that this is an accessible independent art that will save the lives of many trans and queer kids.

It seems like a film audiences will be interested in seeing, and now that it has an aura of illegality around it, its mystique will only grow. Maybe this will be positive. It's possible that maybe not. Drew and her team may be able to claim fair use to the characters and not see the movie buried in the depths of the city.

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