How LongToBeat integration and faster launch times are some of the new features of the Xbox app on Windows. It will take a long time to beat PC Game Pass games. People can track how long a game takes and see if a game is worth buying or playing.

Estimations for the main story of the game, along with estimates for additional quests, 100 percent completion, and a combination of play styles, can be found in the How LongToBeat integration in the Xbox app on Windows. You will be able to submit your own times and see community reviews.

HowLongToBeat will be integrated into PC Game Pass titles inside the Xbox app on Windows.
HowLongToBeat integration inside the Xbox app.
Image: Microsoft

The Xbox app can take a while to start on Windows. The Xbox player experiences and platform team is committed to improving the performance and reliability of the app. The app launches up to 15 percent faster with the most recent update, and we have made some fixes for better responsiveness when you interact with key experiences in the app.

Downloads and installation of games should be improved by that. The game details pages have been improved by Microsoft so that you can see trailers andScreenshots at the top of the listings.

The improvements are a good change for the app. Earlier this year, Microsoft made it possible to install PC games in any folder.