With more and more models hitting the shelves, there is an impressive range of options for beginners. If you want a top-end beginner camera drone or a complete kit to get started in the exciting world of FPV, we have the perfect one for you here.

It is safe to say that some beginner models are competent performers that can be used in a professional capacity. Toy drones are just a step above toy drones, but they are the most accessible.

The Fly More Bundle that can be purchased separately is a good option for beginners. You get everything you need in a convenient package when you buy a kit.

Many of the drones we cover here have been featured in individual reviews on the website, so make sure you read their full reviews. The best drones buyer's guide shows how highly we rate them even though they are called beginners. Some of the ratings in this guide are different to those in a stand alone review, but this is just a reflection of their performance in a beginner context.


Before you take off, make sure to check out the drone regulations in your area. Check out our round-up of drones deals to make sure you get the best price.

DJI Mavic Air 2

(Image credit: DJI)

The Mavic Air 2 is a small and lightweight model that is larger than the Mini 2 and Fimi X8 Mini but has many more features. The weight of the Air 2 makes it portable. It has an advertised flight time of up to 34 minutes and a top speed of 42mph in Sport mode.

The Air 2 can shoot both photos and video at up to 4K at 60 frames per second. The Air 2 can capture video in the D-Cinelike profile, which is suitable for the majority of users. High-resolution 48MP stills that are saved as JPEGs are one of the shooting features for photos.

The front and rear obstacle sensors are on the bottom of the airframe. The Air 2 can be set up to fly around objects when detected or to stop if necessary. There is a way to hold the drone in position while it is hovering so it doesn't drift in wind and to provide Return to HomeFunctionality.

Best portable drone

DJI Mini 2

(Image credit: DJI)

The small and lightweight Mini 2 is less intimidating for beginners than larger and more expensive models. The advantage of this drone is that it has an excellent build and image quality that is well known for in a drone that weighs just 249g. It's possible to fly it without having to register with the FAA and the UK'sCAA.

Thanks to a 1/2.3-inch 12MP sensor that can capture photos in both Raw and JPEG format, as well as video up to 4K, it is no slouch when it comes to photography and video. Up to 4x magnification is provided by a digital zoom when shooting FHD video.

The Mini 2 is very easy to fly and performs very well compared to other beginners. The drones use gps positioning to hold them in position while hovering. You can land the drone at the take-off location with the return to home function.

Most intuitive to control

Parrot Anafi

(Image credit: Parrot)

The Anafi is easy to use for beginners, but also has features and functions you will want as your skills and confidence grows. One of the models that could provide greater longevity is the one that is not the cheapest. The Anafi is small and lightweight and requires pilot registration in the US and UK.

Like most high-quality drones, the Anafi features automated flight patterns to make it easy to capture professional looking videos without the need to know how to fly. With no collision avoidance available, you can't rely on an automated system to avoid crashes, even though many of these use gps positioning.

The camera has a 21MP sensor and can shoot up to 4K video. A standard digital zoom up to 3x is also claimed to be lossless. Video frame rates are limited, but you get all the settings you need, which is more than the cheaper beginner drones that are more suitable for learning how to fly.

Best FPV drone

BetaFPV Cetus Pro

(Image credit: Future)

The most impressive video footage can be captured with the help of drones. It is not easy to learn how to fly in Manual/Acro mode, which is the mode that allows you to roll, flip and dive the drones to capture that video.

The Cetus Pro kit is a complete beginner's kit and includes everything you need to begin learning how to fly. The Cetus Pro Brushless Quadcopter, a liteRadio 2SE Transmitter, four spare propellers, a propeller removal tool, and a carry case are included. If you have a serious crash, you can get spare parts.

The palm-sized drone is small enough to fly indoors or outside. You can start slowly and build up the modes as your skills increase.

The camera on the Cetus is only used to give a live feed to the analogue goggles so you can enjoy a view. The Cetus and the Virtual Reality goggles do not have the ability to record video so this is a learning tool. If you want to get started, you only need to buy an additional four battery sets and a battery charger.

Best FPV drone for video


(Image credit: DJI)

It might seem odd to include a model that is quite advanced in a beginners guide. This model is the perfect introduction to difficult to fly drones due to the expertise of DJI in creating easy to fly drones.

You can use goggles to view the camera view as you fly the first-person view drones from the company. You can fly the drone out of the box and it is much easier to use than traditional drones thanks to easy to use and intuitive controls with a bullet-proof connection between the drone and the goggles.

It is possible to reach speeds of up to 60mph in Sport mode and up to 87mph in Manual mode, but only for experienced pilots.

4K video looks great and provides incredibly immersive footage, but photo function is limited to JPEGs which aren't great quality. There are limited safety features, like the use of gps positioning in Normal Mode, and the fact that the drones won't stop if you collide with them. It was a perfect introduction to fly.

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Best value portable drone

Fimi X8 Mini

(Image credit: Fimi)

The Fimi X8 Mini is the closest you can get if you want a non-DJI drone with similar flight and camera features. There is a 1/2.6-inch 12MP sensor that can capture photos in Raw and JPEG, as well as video in 4K at up to 30 frames per second. F-log can be used to capture video for colour grading and the 3- axis Gimbal helps to ensure smooth video footage.

Smart Tracking Modes, time-lapse, flight path planning, panoramic photos and live streaming are some of the features the Fimi X8 Mini has. There is no collision avoidance available for holding position and starting Return to Home with the help of gps.

The Fimi X8 Mini has a standard battery that can be used for up to 30 minutes of flight time and a pro battery that can be used for up to 31 minutes of flight time. If you choose to use the pro battery, you won't have to register with the FAA in the US or the UK, even if you choose the standard battery.

Best for children

Ryze Tello

(Image credit: Ryze Tello)

The toy drones are intended for children. It's small size and low cost make it a great entry point for beginners who want to learn how to use drones. The small size and low weight make it safe to fly inside.

The Tello isn't designed for more demanding users because it doesn't offer photo and video functions. The flight time is up to 13 minutes and it is limited to 100m. The done is usually controlled using the on-screen controls in the phone app.

The Tello is a lot of fun and is perfect for getting to grips with basic drone controls without breaking the bank. It can be flipped in mid-air, take-off from the palm of your hand and be programmed using Scratch making it an educational and fun device. If you want more batteries to increase flight times, there is a boost combo.

Best for adult learners

Holy Stone HS710

(Image credit: Holy Stone)

The Holy Stone is an interesting model that provides a mixture of basic and more advanced features and functions at a low price. If you want to learn how to fly drones without spending a lot of money, this is a great option.

Even though you can shoot 4K video, it's not enough at the beginning of your flight. As your skills and requirements increase, it is unlikely that this drone will grow with you. This is a good option for first-time users.

Follow Me, Waypoint Flight, Point of Interest and Return to Home are some of the features that can be found in the Holy Stone HS710. Although there is an emergency stop button, the only safety features that can be used are the return to home and the gps. The best way to keep the drone in the air is to use optical flow positioning, which isn't an ideal flying scenario.

Best bundle

Potensic T25

(Image credit: Potensic)

The Potensic T25 is a basic drone that is ideal for learning how to fly drones and how their controls work, but it is not a good option when it comes to shooting photos and video. It's an inexpensive option for those looking to start flying drones.

It is suggested that it weighs less than 250g. The design of the T25 is similar to that of the Phantom series, where the camera sits between two landing stands, and the drones don't fold for transportation.

Up to 10 minutes of flight time is offered by the Potensic T25 bundle. You can enjoy features such as Subject Tracking and Return to Home thanks to the gps positioning of the drones. Video can be captured at 2K but camera functions are limited and there is no stabilization. The T25 is a cost-effective option that will help you get started.

Best budget option

Simrex X300C blue

(Image credit: Simrex)

The Simrex X300C is a toy aimed at people 14 years and older, but it is a great option for beginners who want to fly on a budget. It is not going to cause the financial headaches you would encounter with more expensive beginner drones because it is so inexpensive.

It doesn't need to be registered for flight with the FAA in the US or the UK because it's so small. It takes around an hour to charge the battery. The Simrex X300C needs to be rested for 10 minutes between flights to keep it cool.

You will need to fly with care due to the lack of safety features. If it looks like a crash is imminent, there is a stop button that will stop the drones. The camera is very basic and only offers up to 720p video, but this is more about learning to fly and having fun.

Best cheap 4K drone

Holy Stone HS720G Drone_Drone in the air

(Image credit: Future)

The very best drones can cost a lot. If you want a budget model that you can use to get to grips with flight controls, the Holy Stone is a good choice. The features are very basic and limited, but they do offer aGPS positioning along with flight modes.

There are no collision avoidance sensors so you have to fly with care, but the controls are responsive and similar to more advanced models. Before you upgrade to a more advanced model in the future, you can get used to controls and camera operations in tandem.

Control over brightness, saturation, ISO and white balance is the most basic camera function. You can make up to 10x8in prints with the 4K photos, which are in a 4K ratio. The video can be captured at 30 and 60 frames per second.

The Holy Stone store on Amazon is where you can buy Holy Stone drones in the UK and US. A carry case, a controller, a set of spare propellers, and a screwdriver are included in the basic kit. The basic kit costs $300 (opens in new tab) and £260 (opens in new tab), which makes it a cost-effective model for beginners.

Basic models of drones are popular for beginners. Basic controls are the same as larger and more expensive models so you can get a feel for how they work without the fear of losing a small fortune.

It doesn't hurt to buy a cheap model if you have a large budget. You will know when it is time to move up to the next level once you feel confident with the controls.

The weight of the drones you want to buy is an important point. You don't have to register with the FAA for drones that weigh less than 249g because they don't have to. Get ready to see the world in a completely new and exciting way once you choose the model that is right for you.