Russian troops are being encouraged to give up their fight by the Ukrainians, who are using shells filled with flyers.

You are used as cannon fodder. Your life is meaningless for them. You do not need this war. The flyers said to surrender to the armed forces of Ukranian.

Russia is struggling to hold onto captured territory in Ukraine. In the past week, Ukrainian forces have turned up the pressure on Russian troops, forcing some of them to retreat.

Vovchansk, a town two miles away from Russia, was taken by Russian troops on the first day of the war.

The mayor of Melitopol told the AP that Russian troops had left the city. The Russian troops were headed toward the peninsula, according to the mayor.

Svitlana Honchar, secretary of Ukrainian National Association Branch 96, told the AP that Russian troops have recently left the village of Chkalovske.

Honchar said they left like the wind. They were fleeing in a variety of ways. Honchar said that some troops were left behind in the haste to leave.

Some Russian troops tried to disguise themselves in civilian clothes and steal bikes from locals to escape from crumbling defensive lines in the face of the Ukrainian offensive, according to reports.

Even with recent battlefield victories, a Ukrainian victory in the war is still uncertain. Video of people burning Russian flags and tearing down posters that said "we are one people with Russia" has been released by the Ukrainian government.

In an address to the nation, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said forces were carrying out stabilization measures. He said that he wants to restore order.

Normal life should enter the de-occupied territory with the help of our troops.