The Phone 1 was released in India on July 21st and has only been on sale for less than a month.

In India, Nothing sold over 100,000 Phone 1s in 20 days, and over 10 million users signed up to be notified, according to the company's vice president and general manager. The phone was the top selling device in the 30,000-plus price category.

Not bad for a first effort, but those figures pale in comparison to the total Indian smartphone market, where analysts estimate that around 35 million devices were shipped between April and June this year, which works out at an average of around 11 million per month. It was reported last year that 48 million phones were sold during the third quarter of the year, or an average of 16 million per month.

Nothing's figures are better than those of a previous independent startup that tried to enter the market. In August of last year, Francisco Jeronimo estimated that the Essential Phone had shipped 88,000 units. In that year, sales were in the six figures. The numbers suggest Nothing is on the way to doing well.

In the first six months of sales, Jeronimo noted that the company sold over a million units of its debut phone. With the backing of Chinese phone giantBBK, OnePlus wasn't a startup like Nothing or Essential. Nothing has skipped with the Phone 1 when it comes to the North American market.

It is not yet known if the Phone 1 has been a success or not. The only real test will be if Nothing is around in a decade. The company's sales figures in Europe were not responded to by a spokesman.