A new way to make money on the social network is currently being tested. The test feature would allow creators to make money on reels. Business Insider was the first to report the news.

The feature is an internal prototype and is not being tested outside.

The feature was spotted by a researcher back in July when it was called "content appreciation." The feature will allow creators to allow their fans to send them gifts. Under the Gifts tab, creators would be able to check if they are eligible for the feature. The buttons at the bottom of the reels are suggested to be used to send Gifts.

Gifts won't be the only tipping feature. Badges is a feature that allows users to show support to creators. Badges can be purchased for a variety of prices. There is a heart icon next to your name in the comments when you purchase a badges. The addition of gifts would allow creators to make money through both live streams and reels.

It is not known when or if Gifts will be rolled out to users. Given that other platforms already have their own versions of tip jars, it wouldn't be a surprise if the tipping feature for creators was rolled out by the social network.

Direct tipping for creators was introduced by TikTok in December. The tip jar feature was launched earlier this year on the website.

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