Lea Michele Joins The Cast Of ″Funny Girl″ On Broadway

On September 6th, there is a performance of "Funny Girl" at The August Wilson Theatre.


A total of 9,343 people attended the show and the theater was full on average.

In its fourth week on Broadway, the show set a new record for the most money in a single week with over 1.5 million dollars.

The show sold more tickets at the end of Beanie Feldstein's run than it did at the beginning.

According to the Broadway League, the average ticket price last week was $175.45, but tickets for the first performance of the show went for as much as $2,500 each.

The actress stepped out of the show on Saturday due to a Covid test result that came back positive for the virus and then tested positive for it on Sunday.

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Due to her Covid diagnosis, Michele is out of the show, but will be back on September 20. The tickets for the evening performance on September 24 are going for as much as $2,000 on SeatGeek. Michele isn't in the show on Thursdays.

Surprising Fact

Last week, the musical made less money than Hamilton and MJ the Musical, despite all the attention, but it still made more money than the other two shows.

Key Background

After publicly angling for the role for at least a year, she took over the role on Tuesday and received rave reviews. Her entrance into the show has been controversial, after she came under fire in 2020 for mistreating her colleagues on the show, resulting in her losing sponsorship deals and not taking on any big roles prior to her funny girl debut. The person apologized for the harassment. The musical, best known for making Barbra Streisand a star, made its debut in April with a new cast, but received mostly negative feedback. There were no nominations for the show at the Tony Awards. After announcing in June that she would stay until September 25 and that she would leave on July 31 after the production decided to take a break, she said in July that she would leave on July 31. On the next day, she was replaced byMichele.

After taking over the role ofFunny Girl on Broadway, the actress earned multiple standing laurels.

The performances of 'Funny Girl' are only days into run after covid- like symptoms.

Here's why it's controversial.