Fans of the streamer have been waiting for a home theater sub that is cheaper than the Sub and now it is here. The Sub Mini is officially introduced by Sonos today. I was expecting it to be more expensive than $429, but it is, and I am happy to be wrong. Preorder the Sub Mini now and it will be released in October. It is available in black or white.

How small is the sub mini? The weight is less than half of the Sub. It is 12 inches taller than the Sub and has a 9.1 inch diameter. The size and heft of the speakers mean that they have their own uses.

The regular Sub is best suited for bigger spaces, while the Sub Mini is best used in small to medium sized rooms. The company thinks the Sub Mini could be used for home theater audio. If you want to listen to music, the Sub Mini is a good choice with either a single or stereo speaker. The Sub Mini is recommended for smaller bookshelf speakers.

A Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer in a living room with a person relaxing on a nearby couch.
The Sub Mini isn’t just for home theater; it’s pictured here playing music with two Sonos One speakers.
Image: Sonos

Those looking for the best audio experience should stick with the existing Sub. That is the way to go if you own one of the Arc or Fives. The Five successor will probably be the same.

The line of separation between the Sub Mini and other products is clear. The Sub is for people who own top-end speakers. The Sub Mini is a more practical solution if you want to save money.

The Sub and Sub Mini have the same design characteristics. The Sub Mini has force-canceling 6-inch woofers that produce "surprisingly deep, dynamic low end while minimizing buzz, rattle, or distortion so you feel more immersed in every scene and song." There is a cutout in the center.

Loudness is what distinguishes the speakers from each other. The Sub can deliver output that is three to four times louder than the Sub Mini, according to the product manager. There are different things. Multiple Subs in a home theater setup is possible, but not with the Sub Mini. Each soundbar has one.

A Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer shown on the floor with someone sitting nearby.
The Sub Mini is 12 inches tall, so finding a spot for it should be easy.
Image: Sonos

The standard Sub has a dedicated 5 GHz wireless connection between it and the soundbar. Adding the Sub Mini to your system will require just a quick tap of your phone at the top of the product.

Adding a Sub to your system can take it to the next level. Doing so will allow your speakers to focus more on the mids and less on the lows, which will allow the subs to handle the lows better. The Sub Mini will only be on a small scale. Our full review will come soon.

Now that the home theater portfolio is complete, the company will focus on other products. I wrote about the company's next flagship desk speaker, called Optimo 2, last month.