The U.S. stock market hasn't won back-to-back months in seven months. The S&P 500 is stuck in an up and down pattern that makes it hard for any positive momentum to take hold. - MarketBeat

This week's inflation readings and other key data releases point to a resilient economy destined for better days on the other side of the Fed's inflation fight.

Unusual names that have fallen in price have been included in the hottest stocks out of September.

Why is Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Stock Up? 

The stock climbed as high as $754 the next day after gapping up nearly $100 on Thursday. When the stock was near a low, the rally came. The company entered this week with a new all-time high after reversing a 52 week high.

The news that Aflibercept met its primary endpoints in two trials sparked the rally. Patients with diabetes were involved in the first study about D ME. Aflibercept, which is also known by its brand name Eylea, has been shown to increase vision gains in patients with wet age-related MacDemia.

Dupixent demonstrated significant improvements in patients with prurigo nodularis, which is an inflammatory skin disease. The first approved medicine for the indication would be Dupixent.

The positive data around two of its candidates was reported this week. There is a lot of enthusiasm in this stock and it could lead to more record highs.

Has Snap Stock Bottomed?

The company is on track for its first two-month winning streak of the year. The operator of the trendySnapchat social media app released an investor update at the end of August that found the market to be better than expected.

Despite the challenging macro backdrop and competitive pressures, the revenue growth for the first two months of the third quarter was up 8% over the same period last year. Profitability may be doable in the not so distant future, as shown by this showing. The plan to reduce costs was outlined by management.

As its flagship product faces slowing growth in the U.S. and soft adoption trends in international markets, the company is leaning on innovation to drive better top line performance. The anticipated pause in digital ad spending is expected to be offset by the new revenue contributions ofSnapchat+, Spotlight, andSnap Map. The company is positioned for long-term growth due to a push into augmented reality.

With the path to profitability less cloudy, there is more optimism surrounding the revival of the company. Wall Street has become more bullish due to management's bullish financial targets. There were three analysts who last week called the company a buy.

What Does Bausch Health Companies Do?

A Canada-based developer of branded and generic pharmaceuticals, Bausch Health Companies Inc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its main areas of focus are gastroenterology, hepatology, neurology, and dermatology.

The company issued a press release last week about its gastroenterology unit that was greeted with a sigh of relief and buying activity from investors. It helped clarify the FDA's tentative approval of a generic version of xifaxan. Since it was a Paragraph III filing, the competitor won't be able to get full approval to sell its drug until the patents for Bausch's drug expire in 2029.

Bausch shares rallied 10% on Friday in response to the clarification and with the support of the broader market uptrend. They have run more than 20% already in September and regained the all-important 50-day moving average line in above average volume. Bargain hunting combined with a spat of insider buying suddenly have Bausch looking healthy again.

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