Don't think that the company is serious? Bill Nelson, the current NASA chief, has some words for you if that's the case.

"When there was the beginning of the space cargo and crew programs, the two serious bidders were Boeing and SpaceX, and everybody said, 'Oh, Boeing is a legacy company,'" he said in a new interview with Newsweek Guess who is going to make its sixth flight after its first test flight with astronauts and who is still on the ground?

Boeing has been eating SpaceX's dust for a long time. It was a bit of a self-burn, seeing as how Nelson himself was one of those early SpaceX "poo- pooers."

History Lesson

This isn't the first time that the NASA boss has downplayed his ambivalence towards the space company. Nelson said at his NASA nomination hearing that he had personally laid the foundation for the emergence of the modern commercial space sector through a series of laws.

Nelson hasn't always been a fan of the privatized space travel industry, according to his former colleagues.

Nelson was an opponent of the Senate's push to fund Commercial Crew missions when he was a senator. Garver claimed that Nelson once yelled at him to get his boy in line.

Nelson's save-face efforts are not surprising.

Nelson thinks the private space industry is beneficial. Look at what the company has accomplished.

Bill Nelson said that everybody hated the company. Look at what's happening now.

A former Nasa official says many at the agency are opposed to the company.