Three Spartans are on the battlefield in Halo Infinite.
Bonnie Ross has been part of 343 Industries since it was established.
Image: 343 Industries

Bonnie Ross will be leaving the studio, she announced on Monday.

She said she would leave 343 and attend to a family medical issue. I'm incredibly proud of the work everyone at 343 has done.

— Bonnie Ross (@PlutonForEver) September 12, 2022

Ross is leaving because he is unhappy with the state of the game. The Forge customization mode was delayed from September to November and the next DLC season was delayed from March to March. The company announced the cancellation of the local split-screen co-op and the delay of the campaign co-op.

When the Xbox studio was founded in 2007, Ross was a member of the original team. 343 was also involved with the Halo series which was renewed for a second season.

The head of production is now the studio head, according to a statement shared by the Xbox.