The general public will be able to get new ways to personalize their Lock Screen with the release of Apple's newest operating system today. There are a number of features that users can use immediately after the update toiOS 16 but there are a number of new features that need to be added to the app before users can enjoy them.

Three features that users can expect to see in the coming days and weeks are listed below. As they get updated, be sure to keep an eye on MacRumors for full coverage.

Lock Screen Widgets

The suite of customization features it now provides, as well as the redesign of the Lock Screen, are major changes. The ability to addwidgets has been added to the Lock Screen.

Apple Watch Activity rings, world clock, temperature, calendar, Home, batteries, and more are some of the options that can be found in the lock screen. With the release of third-party apps for the Lock Screen in the coming days, users will be able to modify the look of their phone.

Focus Filters

The focus filters are a new feature in the new version of the operating system. Focus filters allow the parameters you set for your own Focus mode, such as Personal or Work, to carry through into the actual content of individual apps

Users can enable a focus filter for the Messages app so that only messages from contacts allowed to break through specific focus modes are shown in the app. Users will be able to limit distraction in third-party apps by using Focus filters.

Coming Later This Year: Live Activities

A new type of notification and interaction for apps called Live Activities is coming later this year. Live Activities can be found on the bottom portion of the Lock Screen and can display real-time and dynamic information from apps, such asUber for tracking your ride or sports apps for keeping tabs on the scores of a game

Live Activities are an even bigger part of the experience on the iPad. The Lock Screen and Notification Center are the only places where Live Activities can be seen on other devices. You can learn more about Dynamic island here.