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Kim's comment that Ray J may have stuck something up her butt while she was sleeping was a joke.

Kim was worried about a second sex tape when she watched the first episode. She told her family that she was certain there wasn't one, but then suggested that there was something sexual in another tape. It is possible that Ray stuck a dildo up her butt while she slept.


Kim asked her lawyer to "scare the s**t out of this guy" after she said it was illegal.

Ray J Goes Off On Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Saying They Lied About Sex Tape

Ray says it's all a lie to suggest he had sex with Kim, and he's considering a lawsuit.

According to Ray, there is a second sex tape that was shot in Santa Barbara, as well as a Cabo sex tape that was distributed in which Kim looked the best. Kris didn't have a hand in the tape's release.


The polygrapher said that Kris was honest when she said she didn't plan the deal.

Speaking of the sex tape, Kim has denied she had anything to do with the release, but Ray says she's absolutely lying, and he says Kim's the one who wrote it.

If Kim/Kris were so sure that he had leaked the sex tape, why hadn't they sued him? He thinks that they know they have it.