Hutchinson, Kansas Even with a strong statewide vote in favor of preserving access to abortion, the Republican candidate for Kansas governor tried to make the Democratic incumbent's support of abortion rights a political liability.

The GOP nominee for Kansas attorney general said during a debate at the Kansas State Fair that he respects the voters' decision to reject the abortion amendment. He argued that the governor favors abortion with no restrictions up to the moment of birth and public funding.

The statewide vote doesn't mean the discussion isn't going to continue.

The governor's position was not on the ballot.

Kelly is confident that she will be supported by a majority of Kansas in opposing the change. She supports abortion rights but has not said she would push for the repeal of existing restrictions. Republicans have control of the Legislature.

She said that the characterization of her position on abortion was made up. I haven't said that.

Kelly is the only Democrat running for reelection this year in a state that Donald Trump won in 2020. Many Republicans think that the high inflation and red state opposition to Democratic President Joe Biden will boost their chances of winning the election.

During the State Fair debate before its rowdy crowd, he continued that throughout, drawing chants from Kelly supporters of "Schmidt's unfit!" and "Bull--". The fair debate is a tradition for governor's and U.S. Senate races, and organizers encourage partisans to chant, shout and wave signs as other fairgoers take in exhibitions, ride Midway attractions and sample cuisine such as "moink."

Pat McFerron is a Republican pollster from Oklahoma City who has worked for a Republican senator.

He said that two months ago they were all voting Republican.

Kelly brushed off the criticism, noting the state's improved finances and her efforts to lure businesses to Kansas. Over the course of 10 years, Kansas will provide $829 million in taxpayer funded incentives.

Kelly said after the debate that she has stayed away from Washington politics.

He has promoted conservative causes as attorney general and brought Kansas into GOP lawsuits against Democrats. He joined an unsuccessful lawsuit by Texas to overturn the results of four battleground states won by Biden.

He has been willing to challenge the Biden's administration on a wide variety of issues. He referred to himself as a Republican in the same way that Bob Dole referred to himself as a Republican.

He said that they would fight back.

Despite the statewide vote in August, neither candidate has focused on abortion as an issue. In cases of rape and incest and when the fetus wouldn't survive after birth, he would support exceptions to preserve a woman's life.

The candidates were asked if they would support keeping six of the seven Kansas Supreme Court justices. The amendment was proposed to respond to the court's ruling that abortion is a fundamental right.

Two of the six justices on the ballot were in the majority of the ruling in 2019. One of the justices on the ballot is the one who dissented in the case.

She said she would vote to keep the justices, while he said he wouldn't. He did not say which justices he would oppose retaining during the debate.

That's right.

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