Lamar Jackson is betting on himself this season

Lamar Jackson believes in his worth. With the bank accounts of proven starting quarterbacks soaring, and the number of them throughout the NFL changing, the Ravens starter is one of two former NFL Most Valuable Player's to be active and not past their prime.

Jackson is the one of the two not to win a Super Bowl. It is better to have a person like that on your side. He will enter the regular season without a long-term contract in two years.

The Ravens said in a statement that Jackson's deadline didn't happen. The Louisville graduate wants to focus on the season and not the contract talks. Jackson is in the last year of his five-year contract with a guaranteed $23 million. Jackson didn't have an agent, that's odd He is representing himself in these talks.

It is not clear where Jackson and the Ravens differ in terms of a future contract, but both sides want to keep their relationship going. If Baltimore can't reach a long-term deal with Jackson by the beginning of next season, it's likely the Ravens would place their franchise tag on him, which would make him the highest paid player on the team. A long-term deal with Jackson is likely to break records. The league's highest-paid quarterback is Rodgers, with a salary of $50.2 million for the upcoming season. The guaranteed-money record is held by the quarterback who was suspended for 11 games for sexual harassment.

The Ravens were unable to reach a contract extension with Lamar Jackson, according to Eric DeCosta. He has handled the process well and we are excited about our team with Lamar leading the way. After the season, we will continue to work on a long-term contract, but we are looking forward to a successful campaign in 2022.

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New Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson is second in both categories, with a deal signed last week: $49 million per, $165 million guaranteed, and he has never won an award other than an award. Jackson has a chance of leading the Ravens to a Super Bowl even though the Ravens are dominated by top-tier quarterbacks. One way or another he will be paid. Someone else will be happy if the Ravens can't meet his demands.

Paying a quarterback is dependent on balancing the past with the future. By the time Jackson's career is over, do he have a good chance of winning anotherMVP? I agree. What does that mean in monetary terms? It's likely to be north of $55 million a year. The tactics of one of baseball's biggest stars are similar to those of Jackson. Before the start of the season, the Yankees couldn't agree on a long-term deal with their home-run monster. He is on the verge of hitting the most home runs in American League history.

The Yankees offered Judge a seven-year extension. They settled on a one-season deal worth $19 million with $250,000 bonuses for winning the World Series and the Most Valuable Player. He will get a quarter- million more soon. His efforts this season will set him up for the rest of his life. Jackson needs to do the same thing.

It is possible that Jackson will fall below expectations this season. A lot will be placed on his shoulders without a star running back. The Ravens will save a lot of money and delay long-term negotiations if they don't get a franchise tag in 2022. At some point, Baltimore will have to decide whether to pay up or allow Jackson to walk to someone else. It's a good idea to bet on the latter sooner or later.