The roof of a house in Waremme near Liege, Belgium was damaged when an engine part of a plane fell on it.

There was a flight from Lige Airport, Belgium to Malta-Luqa Airport, Malta that was operated by the Boeing. The aircraft lost one of its engines as it climbed out.

Before it fell into the garden, the engine part fell onto the roof of the garage. No one was hurt when the aircraft continued on to its destination.

The house owners heard a loud noise. They thought it was a storm.

“At one point, I heard the sound of an airplane, followed by a boom….So I went out, I looked at the front door, the alarm started ringing because the house still vibrated. I went out behind…I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t sleep all night, I was asking myself a lot of questions.”

House Owner

I got a call in the morning from the neighbour who was looking out of his window and asked if I had seen anything. We didn't know how to say anything. We wondered what was going on. It is a frightening experience. I will recall it all my life.

The pieces that fell in the garden were taken away by the firefighters and handed over to the airport authorities for investigation.

The image is courtesy of Hervé Rigot.