Your travel issues are not something I have to worry about.

A passenger on a plane refused to give up his seat in order to accommodate a family.

On Saturday, Unlikely-Strategy596 asked "AITA" for not giving up his plane seat so a family could be all together.

In the post, which received over 10,200 votes and thousands of comments, the passenger explained that he was taking a flight back to Greece.

I booked my ticket because I wanted to be closer to the gate when it was time to leave. I spent more money to be closer to my home.

A family asked if they could swap seats on the plane.

I would not get my money's worth if I moved back 20 rows because that would leave me at an inconvenient disadvantage. I wanted to keep my seat.

The mother in the group said she should give up her seat so she could sit with her husband and children.

He replied that his travel issues were not his problem. I paid for the seat.

According to the post, the woman continued to make a scene on the plane before she gave in and sat down. Her husband apologized for her actions.

Commenters took the side of the poster after responding to the AITA question.

One user wrote "You get an award for this... because this is the solution the entitled families never offer."

You told her the truth. She needs to listen to it. She probably hates flying because she and her family don't know how to plan for it.

You were right. She should have spent the extra money instead of leaving it to chance and annoy other people.