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The LA Rams took on the Buffalo Bills in the first game of the season. Only one team looked at the part.

The game the Bills played was not a perfect one. L.A. had a chance to win when Moss fumbled. Cook fumbled on his first professional run.

Buffalo dominated the game in many ways. Matthew Stafford was flustered by the defense. Throughout the game, the offense was clicking. Bill Von Miller was a former Ram. He makes a difference.

The Bills defeated the Rams 31-10). It could have been worse if Buffalo hadn't made mistakes.

There were no glaring weaknesses in Buffalo. Most of the questions the Bills had were answered on Thursday. Sean McDermott's team looks like the team to beat right now, even though one game won't define a season.

Josh Allen is continuing his evolution.

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Buffalo is seen as a Super Bowl contender because of Allen. He is the epitome of a modern-day quarterback. He can throw the ball anywhere on the field and can run through defenders.

Allen has shown growth over the past four years. Coming out of college, Allen had a poor passer rating. Last year, the New York Jets quarterback posted a score of 69.7 as a rookies.

Allen has improved a lot since. He was a Pro Bowler in 2020 and threw nine touchdown passes in two playoff games for the Bills. During his first season, he seemed to have a hard time with field awareness.

Against Los Angeles, Allen hit seven different people. The two picks looked bad on the stat sheet, but one of them was a dropped pick.

The Rams defense, which is still loaded with talent even after Miller's departure, couldn't contain Allen in the first half. His final stat line was 297 passing yards, three touchdown, two interception, 56 rushing yards, and one rushing touchdown.

Allen appears to be an early favorite for the award.

There were questions asked and answered.

The biggest questions surrounding Buffalo were about the departure of Brian Daboll and others. The offensive game-planning has been led by Daboll since Allen was a first-year player.

The Buffalo offense did not miss a beat on Thursday. It doesn't happen by accident.

Replacing the duo of Sanders and Beasley might be a challenge, but Gabe Davis has settled in nicely as the new No.2 target.

The Bills had eight catches for 122 yards and a touchdown from Diggs and four catches for 88 yards from Davis.

Moody @EricNMoody

The Gabriel Davis breakout season is off to a GREAT start for fantasy football

Davis was expected to do well in the regular season.

Peter King wrote that when he was in the Bills camp, he was told that his four-TD performance in the playoffs was the start of something big. Josh Allen sees him as a great complement to Diggs.

Davis hasn't disappointed yet.

Most of the problems the Bills showed were correct. He was slightly off the mark on the second one, but he was correct on the first one. There needs to be some reliability there. The running game is still a work in progress.

Allen and Singletary led the Bills in rushing. It wasn'tumbling that helped the cause on the ground. The running game as a whole and Singletary in particular were effective.

Dorsey can figure out a plan to get the ground game going. When Buffalo plays four quarters of clean football, how good can it be?

There is a Von Miller factor.

The Bills dominated on Thursday without mentioning Miller. He helped the Rams win the Super Bowl and put them away in Week 1.

Miller had four tackles, two sacks and three tackles for loss. It is not obvious if he has lost a step.

Miller's impact on the Bills defensive front could have been more eyebrow-raising. Buffalo had the league's top-ranked defense and 42 sacks last year, but never had that guy who could command a team's attention on the edge.

He was the only Bills player with more than four sacks.

Miller is going to open up a lot of opportunities for other people. Stafford was sacked seven times on Thursday and threw three picks.

Aside from Cooper Kupp (13 catches, 128 yards and a touchdown), most of the Rams offense was out of whack.

The Bills defense is already great, but Miller makes it even more dangerous, which is a problem for the other teams. The defense is likely to make as many mistakes as the offense.

The Bills showed the world on Thursday that it will take a very talented team to beat them in the future.