Pennsylvania Senate Democratic nominee John Fetterman's campaign press secretary said she was "mortified to be an American" after the 2016 presidential election and shared potentially offensive comments about Africans and Indians.

A senior spokesman for Fetterman's campaign made questionable comments about minorities in a series of social media posts.

In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, she said she was "mortified" to be an American.

As she read Karl Marx, she made a plea for company and comfort.

The Pittsburgh Post-GAZETTE editorial board questions Fenner's health and ability to serve.

She said someone would come sit with her and comfort her as she read the communist manifesto.

Black Americans, Africans, and residents of India were the subject of potentially offensive comments made by Rowland in the past.

A quote attributed to someone referred to as "Roomz" was shared by a woman who said she felt like a small African child when she ate good bars.

There was a quote from an unnamed person that said "chocolate" to refer to having sex with black men.

"'This is probably the only chocolate I'm going to get this summer, and by that I mean black d---' - anonymous,''" was the message that was written on the account.

A person she was familiar with claimed to have the "a-- of a black woman" in a July 2012 quote.

A member of her family said they would name their car after former President Barack Obama.

He said that people of color are less likely to have their ID if the law is changed.

She wrote that the new black Toyota would be arriving soon. We're naming it barack, you are in love with the president.

She revealed her interest in Indian accents, which have been used to stereotype the community.

Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman. Justin Merriman/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The barefoot Indian boy is running laps around the RPAC, which may be a reference to Ohio State.

When she tagged a user in a post, she asked if they remembered where she spoke in her Indian accent.

She said she had to tell herself that she looked like an Indian princess because of the zit between her eyes.

She also shared that she once had a dream that she was married to a "Midget."

She wrote in October of last year that she had been asleep for 17 hours and dreamt that she was a professional bowler.

The Hyde Amendment has blocked federal dollars from paying for abortion procedures and has been a part of every government spending bill since 1976.

The Hyde amendment doesn't protect women's right to their bodily fluids. The former VP doesn't believe in separation of church and state. It's bye bitch!

One of the statements she made about Hitler, who led the Nazi regime responsible for killing six million Jews, appeared to be insensitivity.

Two men were convicted of murdering another man and were sentenced to death for it.

She and her father found it funny to read quotes from Hitler and Voldemort from her paper.

When you're writing a paper on hitler/voldemort and you and your dad think it's funny to use hitler and voldemort on social media, it's a really bad moment.

In December of last year, the singer referred to someone as a "dike" on her account.

Pennsylvania Republican Senate nominee Mehmet Oz, left, and Pennsylvania Democrat Senate nominee John Fetterman. Hannah Beier/Bloomberg | Michael M. Santiago via Getty Images

She wrote that she was happy about it.

The account was made private after a Fox News Digital inquiry.

Fetterman's team responded to Fox News Digital's request for comment by suggesting that the inappropriate posts should not be allowed because of the young age of the person making them.

Fetterman, who currently serves as the lieutenant governor in Pennsylvania, will face off in the state's Senate election against Mehmet Oz in November.

Fetterman faced backlash on social media after a video of him claimed that poor people and people of color are less likely to have an ID.

Fetterman is a racist who thinks people of color are incapable or lack the mental capacity to have their ID cards. He thinks that minorities can't do simple things like get their ID cards.