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There is a post from the good-riddance dept.

Until about a month ago, shoppers on Dell's website looking for a new laptop could log in using their Facebook credentials to avoid creating a new username and password. That option is now gone. Dell isn't alone. CNBC: Other big brands, including Best Buy, Ford Motor, Pottery Barn, Nike, Patagonia, Match and Amazon's video-streaming service Twitch have removed the ability to sign on with Facebook. It's a marked departure from just a few years ago, when the Facebook login was plastered all over the internet, often alongside buttons that let you sign in with Google, Twitter or LinkedIn. Jen Felch, Dell's chief digital and chief information officer, said people stopped using social logins, for reasons that include concerns over security, privacy and data-sharing.

Over time, the number of people using their social media identity to sign in has shifted. "One thing that we see across the industry is more and more security risks or account takeovers, whether that'sInstagram or Facebook or whatever it is, and I just think we're observing people making a decision to isolation that social media account versus having other connections to it." The disappearing login is the latest sign that Facebook's influence on the internet is waning. In the past year, the company's business has been beset by Apple's privacy change, which made it harder to target ads, a deteriorated economy, and competition from short-video service TikTok.

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