Many people will be able to use their phones and tablets more thanks to the new updates. The Nearby Share version of Apple's AirDrop should make it easy to transfer files between your own devices. Even if the screen is off, your devices will accept files from each other even if you're not using them. It's possible that you won't need to email a file from your phone to your device. The self-share option is expected to be available soon.

It is not known when you will be able to check out some of the new features. Those in the hard of hearing community will find sound notifications helpful. The feature can listen for sounds like fire alarms, door knocks and running water, and alert the user to them with a visual notification or vibrate on a phone or watch. Users will soon be able to add their own sounds to their library. When their device hears that sound again, they'll receive notifications.

There are a lot of movies with audio descriptions. The audio description movies can be found by saying "search audio description movies" to the assistant. There is an option to meet video calls. Users will be able to pin feeds from the speaker and sign language interpreter, as well as a friend, to see what they think of what's being said.

SharePlay-style options are on the way. You will be able to play games with up to 100 people at the same time. This feature is coming to phones and tablets, according to the company.

You can expect an update to Drive and Keep, more Emoji Kitchen mashups on Gboard, and a way to stuff more emoji into your messages with a tap. There will be a new Keep tile with the option to dictate a note or checklist on Wear OS devices.