We have all accidentally thrown a sweater into the wash and pulled it out of the dryer shrunken down to a size that is more suitable for our dog. Many of us haven't thought about what will happen to our clothes after we throw them away. The problem of textile waste is caused by how we wash our clothes and how often we wash them.

The second largest garment graveyard in the world is located in theChile. 21 billion tons of textile waste end up in landfills around the globe each year, and approximately 39,000 tons are discarded at Atacama each year. The dark side of our fashion habits can be seen in the challenges of the fast-fashion industry, which constantly pumps out clothes that are meant to be worn 10 times before they are thrown.

Atacama landfill

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In order to keep our clothes out of the landfill, we need to take better care of them. The brand is helping to raise awareness about the importance ofUpgrading our routine laundry patterns. The most sustainable clothes we own are the ones we already own.

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Extending the life of clothes can reduce the carbon impact, the water impact, and the waste produced by 20 to 30 percent.

In addition to keeping fashion waste out of landfills, Butani is quick to point out that small changes to our laundry habits, like lowering wash temperatures and switch from powder to liquid detergent, could mean the equivalent of saving over 100 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Imagine if they were adopted around the world. If you want to improve your laundry routine, stop imagining and learn how to do it.

Hand turning down temperature settings on washing machine

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Turn down the heat

It's a good idea to wash your new hoodie in cool water if you like it. It will get a lot of clean and the cooler water will prolong the life of your clothes. Baby, there's no shrinkage here.

Take a load off

It's also a big energy and water suck when we over-wash our clothes. If the smell of your shirt is funky, wash it in the bathroom before going to sleep. You can use the steam from your shower to make it better.

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Go with the flow

Your black t-shirts fade too fast because of the abrasive nature of many powder detergents. If you want to show your clothes some love, use a liquid detergent. There are bonus points for using a detergent that won't harm the environment.

Upgrade your machines

If your washer and dryer is old and clunky, you won't get the gentle touch. Their innovative laundry technologies prove that they are committed to making clothes last twice as long as possible. Tech that uses less water and better cold-water washes can make a big difference in the lifespan of your duds.

Show off your vintage style

upcycled clothing

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Vintage clothes can be used to not contribute to fashion waste. The fashion collection was created to give new life to the clothes that were thrown away. Check out the new Break the pattern collection, it shows how cool upcycling can be.

Come clean

If you know what a difference a few simple changes in the laundry room can make, you should check out the other things Electrolux is doing. It looks better on you than it does in a landfill.

Visit breakthepattern.com to learn more.