Image: Mercedes-Benz / Rivian

Mercedes-Benz and Rivian have formed a joint venture to build large electric vans.

The goal of the partnership is to use an existing Mercedes-Benz site in Central or Eastern Europe as the new plant's location. Rivian only has a single manufacturing facility in the US, so this is its first foothold in the continental US.

There will be two van models, one built on Mercedes' Vans Electric Architecture platform and the other on Rivian's second- generation electric van platform, called Rivian Light Van. Mercedes-Benz has been building commercial vans for more than two decades and has manufacturing experience and resources that could help the young automaker thrive on its limited resources. Mercedes-Benz is the only van manufacturer in Germany that produces large vans.

The Rivian CEO said in the press release that they will produce electric vans that will benefit customers and the planet. Rivian's stock went from $34.90 to $36.26 at the start of the market.

The 100,000 electric delivery vans will be built by Rivian for Amazon. The first ones arrived in a few cities. Rivian has a partnership with Amazon as well as a plan to sell electric vans to other companies in the future.

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