Both India and China have approved inhaled vaccines for covid-19. The companies behind these vaccines say that they will increase the immune responses of people who have already been shot. We know what we know.

The new vaccines are what they are called.

The National Medical Products Administration of China approved CanSinoBIO's vaccine as a booster. According to the company, the vaccine can induce comprehensive immune protection after just one breath.

The approval followed the development of a new vaccine in India. A booster dose for people who have already had two injections of vaccine has been approved for restricted use in that country.

What do they do?

Both vaccines promise to cause an immune response in the lining of the airways. The more immediate response to any virus entering the body via the nose and mouth is provided by the coronaviruses.

It is thought that this type of immunity could prevent a person from getting the disease. According to Ed Lavelle, an immunologist at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, they can act very quickly.

Is it really necessary to have more covid-19 vaccines?