The task of expanding the human intellect has gathered around itself a huge number of enthusiasts who contribute to its solution. They all agree that without the accumulation and correct processing of huge amounts of data, it will not go far. A person receives meanings not only from unambiguous interpretations of words but also from ambiguity and context. To teach AI all the shades of meaning and duality as well as to ambiguity acceptable to human intelligence requires powerful computing capabilities.

5 Intelligence Functions As an AI Core

AI will only reach perfection when 5 functions of the human intellect become subject to it:

  • perception as recognition and classification of reality
  • reasoning as the ability to make inferences
  • decision-making as a transformational capacity
  • learning as an improvement of its functionality
  • use of language as a communication ability 

All these five functions form the core AI. Mastering them allows AI to solve complex problems not only no worse than a person but also better than him.

How to Overcome the Main Challenge in Working with AI?

The main problem faced by developers and researchers, as well as those who want to use AI in their business, is the need to create an expensive AI infrastructure with huge computing power. G-Core Labs offers a highly effective solution to this task by providing an advanced AI platform:

  • support for the full cycle of development and implementation of AI and ML
  • storage of all models used in learning in a single repository
  • work on ML models by a wide group of experts in real time
  • the ability to use a catalog of ready-made ML models and templates 

Your work on AI will go much faster if you don't spend your efforts and resources on what others have already done and can be easily used by you. Thanks to the G-Core Labs services, the productivity boost in your AI work will be incredible. Maybe it is thanks to your project in the field of AI research that the most essential breakthrough will be made.