Apple's "Far Out" iPhone 14 Event: Follow along with our live blog.

During its "Far out" event, Apple announced the updated Apple Watch Series 8 with a larger display and a new body temperature sensor.

The Series 8 resembles the Series 7 in appearance. An all-new body temperature sensor is included in the Series 8. The wrist temperature sensor in the Series 8 can be used to alert the user through the Health app when there is a change in temperature. The body temperature sensor can be used to estimate cycles.

Apple says the new sensor joins the standard heart rate sensor and the electrocardiogram to give users a comprehensive suite of health features. In the unfortunate event of a car crash, the Series 8 can connect you with emergency services, provide location, and notify emergency contacts. The Series 8 has a new 3-axis gyro and high g- force accelerometer that can be used to sample up to 3000 times faster.

Apple promises the same all-day 18-hour battery life as previous models in the Series 8. A new Low Power Mode will limit some functions, such as an always-on display and workout detection, in order to extend battery life. Users can extend the battery life of the Apple Watch by up to 36 hours. There is more to come.