Upfront invested $3 million in Remento, a company that captures and preserves family stories. After a year of testing the app, the company is releasing it today.

Users of the company's new app are encouraged to share their stories with family members. You can use the app to record a conversation. Individual stories from these sessions are displayed in the app and can be shared with other loved ones.

Charlie Greene came up with the idea for Remento after filming a series of interviews with his mother after she was diagnosed with cancer. When he was a child, his parents recorded a lot of home videos, but it wasn't until 2001 that they realized how much they meant to him, as they allowed him to hear his father's voice. After his mother was diagnosed with cancer, his family realized they were on the verge of losing stories about her life.

I didn't know where to begin, even with a background in documentary filmmaking. We came up with a solution to record a series of conversations about my mother's life that we put onto this digital timeline that our family could add to. I was able to discover more about myself by asking her questions. The problem we solved was not unique to us. We created Remento to help families deal with the realities of aging relatives and children who don't know them.

Recording conversations capture more than just photos and family trees. Remento is built on a foundation of neuroscience, psychology and storytellers. It's easy to capture family stories with the app. Remento wants to make it easy to start by suggesting prompt that are tailored to the family. The idea of persevering family stories is broken down by the app.


The image is called Remento.

The company believes that everyone should be able to have meaningful experiences that shape their lives.

The company plans to build out a model that includes additional features. It will be easier to start conversations with the additional features that will be added. Artificial intelligence and natural language processing will be used to automate the organization process once content is created. Users will be able to add photos along with recorded conversations. If you want to add a photo of your mother in her prom dress, you can use the function.

Although Remento plans to release an app in the future, it's difficult to determine a release date. He says that the company will expand availability in the future.

Remento will use the new funding to expand hiring and extend current research and development efforts, as well as building features that will stay true to the company's mission.

A group of angel investors, including Brooke Hammerling, Chuck Davis, Dan Nova, and Sam Esmail, participated in the company's seed funding round.

The project has been in the works for two years. This journey has taught us so much. It has been clear to me that there is never a better time to introduce this product to the public. It is important that we never take anything for granted because of the connections and conversations that took place through windows and FaceTime during the Pandemic. Right now is the time for families to be connected and that's why we're excited to build this technology that we see as a complement to our most cherished relationships.

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