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A couple of hip hop superstars are ready to stand with him in his fight with Adidas.

In support of West's recent attacks against the shoe company, both Swizz Beatz and P.Diddy posted on their respective social media accounts.

He admitted that he was butting in the conversation but still urged Adidas to treat Ye like a Spike Lee joint.

The post was supported by industry executives such as Bu Thiam and Dre London, and eventually, Diddy, who promised to never wear anything made by Adidas until everything was smoothed over.

If the culture were disrespected, the brand would be burned down.

The Bad Boy CEO has become a guardian of sorts in the year 2022.

Ye has accused the fledging sports apparel of stealing his designs, only to sell them in lesser quality and expensive versions, and demand meetings with various heads of the company.

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Over the last few days, he's changed his profile picture to a picture of different board members, and shamed him for not taking a meeting when the song is a family.