The most popular livestreaming service in the U.S. is having some issues.

As of 6 p.m., the service was empty. There is an hour and a half later. There was a channel guide on the air. You wouldn't get a screen if you chose a show. The culprit appeared to be a licensing error that affected multiple devices. There is an hour and a half later.

The outage was acknowledged on the social networking site.

if you’re having trouble watching @YouTubeTV rn, we’re currently having some ~technical issues~ BUT we’re working on a fix!! stay tuned 📺

— TeamYouTube (@TeamYouTube) September 6, 2022

It is possible that the service will be restored sooner rather than later because the Team YouTube account is working on a fix. No time was given. DownDetector showed a large spike in the number of reports of website problems.

A post on the status page of competing service Philo, which also appears to be affected, points to an issue with the Widevine service. There is an hour and a half later. Widevine gives the ability to license, securely distribute and protect content on any consumer device. The sort of thing that could single-handedly take down an entire streaming service is what the streaming service would need.

Not every channel on the video sharing site was affected. Local broadcast affiliates were one of the channels we were able to see. Before the error appeared, others went blank.

YouTube TV playback error.
A playback error seen on YouTube TV about 7 p.m. ET on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

On the same day that YouTube TV announced that it now supports 5.1 surround sound on Apple TV, there was an offline issue.

There isn't a streaming service or web service that hasn't had an outage, and YouTube TV has been involved in some major disruptions in the past. Even though it is the biggest streaming service in the country, it is going to be a bigger deal if it goes down.

For about 100 channels, the cost is $65 a month. It is available on all major streaming platforms, as well as various smart TVs, gaming consoles, and web browsers.

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