Several Trump-linked operatives were allowed to access a Georgia elections office with help from a local Republican official who was trying to get Trump re-elected.

Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell is a far-right lawyer.

CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

The Washington Post first reported that Sidney Powell sent computer experts from SullivanStrickler to Coffee County, where they copied a wide range of data from the county's voting systems for a reported $27,000 fee.

According to CNN and the Post, the operatives were allowed into the office by the former GOP chairwoman, who signed on to a false slate of electors in Georgia.

The former elections supervisor told the Post in June that she let the operatives into the office to identify potential election vulnerabilities after uploading a video that alleged issues with voting machines, but that she did not know if they accessed the county's election management system server.

Latham had previously denied being at the office that day in conjunction with SullivanStriker's visit, though the Daily Beast previously reported text messages showing her involvement in coordinating the effort.

The Coffee County office of Cyber Ninjas was visited by Jeffrey Lenberg and Doug Logan, who conducted the audit of Arizona's election results.

The files taken from Coffee County were put on a server and downloaded by at least four people outside of SullivanStrickler.

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has opened a criminal investigation into the alleged violation of voting data in Coffee County. If you knowingly use a computer without authority or with the intention to damage a computer program or data, you could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. The Coffee County breach is being looked into by the Fulton County District Attorney's office as part of its investigation into Donald Trump's attempts to overturn the election. Latham is under investigation by the Fulton County District Attorney's office and federal prosecutors as one of the " fake electors" who assembled false slates of electors in Georgia and other battleground states and submitted them to congress.


Coffee County is one of several counties nationwide where Trump-linked forensics experts allegedly breached voting systems or were given court permission to do so, including multiple counties in Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Colorado, where the Mesa County Clerk was indicted for her role in facilitating the security breach. Attorney General Dana Nessel requested a special prosecutor to investigate voting machine tampering in Michigan because her Republican opponent, Matthew DePerno, is under investigation.

What We Don’t Know

The security of future elections may be at stake. In June of this year, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency warned of a security vulnerability in the voting machines used in Georgia. In-person access to the devices is the only way to exploit the vulnerability. There is a concern that people could find vulnerabilities in the election systems and share them with hackers who could exploit them and pose a risk to election security.

Key Background

Coffee County was the only county in the state that didn't certify its election results. CNN reported that the county was mentioned in a draft executive order that would have ordered the Department of Defense to seize voting machines in an effort to challenge the election results. There is no evidence to support allegations of widespread election fraud in the 2020 election, but Trump supporters have seized on voting machines and alleged issues with them as a central part of their fraud claims. The allegations have resulted in a number of defamation lawsuits against Powell and other far-right figures.

Video shows election deniers visiting the center of a criminal investigation.

There is a new video that shows a fake Trumpelector escorted operatives into the elections office.

Voting machine data was pursued by Trump-aligned lawyers.

The files were shared with Trump supporters.