An old family photo was posted online by Will Sloan in 2016 asking if anyone knew what cartoon was playing in the background. Nobody was able to figure it out. The case has been going on for six years.

In his most recent plea, he said that his girlfriend and her friends have spent years trying to figure out what cartoon is from. An animated gray-haired, bearded elf in white overalls, red shirt, black hat, and glasses is shown in a picture. The man is in the middle of a conversation. The TV set is piled high with VHS tapes and looks like it came from the 90s.

Hundreds of people have seen the image but no one knows what it is. Please tell me if you see this man.

The image is from a TV movie called The Soulmates: The Gift of Light, which aired in 1991. It took so long to figure out what happened. The movie was only shown on TV in Canada before it was released on VHS. The videocassette release was probably exclusive to Canada.

The mystery image that appeared in the background of a family photo from 1991 or 1992.

The original photo was taken when the TV was playing, not when it was being photographed. The mystery was even more intriguing because of that. The piece of media was both familiar and uninteresting. It wasn't like anyone was taking pictures of the TV like it was showing a glimpse at Elvis.

Many people are convinced that they have solved the mystery after seeing that photo multiple times on social media. The photo may have been taken in 1991 or 1992 in southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Many people immediately looked to other VHS videos on a bookshelf in the photo for answers, but they turned out to be dead ends. When the photo of Sloan went viral last week, people began to guess what it was.

The mystery was solved by a person who was tipped off by a show on the internet. After watching the show, he realized he had a copy of the program. The video was uploaded to the video sharing website on Monday.

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Several people insisted that the image was from a show called The Littles, but no one could produce a video clip to prove it. Some people thought it might be the Smurfs or a TV commercial. They were all incorrect.

The show could have been from a pilot episode that didn't get picked up for a full series, according to a report. They never came back to us.

The program aired on TV in Ontario just after the show Married With Children. Two alien children with special powers arrive on Earth just in time to save Christmas.

In 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, the TV-movie may have been played for viewers in the city.

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The TV movie didn't play in the US under the title "soulmates: The Gift of Light." It appears that the lack of American exposure doomed this piece of media history.

Canada had a population of just 28 million in the early 1990s. Even if it aired once, there would be fewer people who would watch the average American cartoon.

The TV-movie was directed by Chris Schouten, who worked in the animation department on movies such as Heavy Metal (1981). McCarthy appears to still be working despite Waxman's death.

You can watch the entire show until someone takes it down for violating the rights. Remember that the copyright protections used to last for just 14 years. The creators of the content have made money from this cartoon. It is now part of the internet's huge collective memory. It should.