The pilot of the plane threatened to turn the plane around if someone didn't give him nude photos. At least 19 passengers immediately responded to the announcement that was broadcasted to the entire plane.

The passengers were shocked when the pilot of the plane demanded that someone "airdrop him some nudes or he'd turn the plane around"

McMullen said that he would be on autopilot most of the time. I want to do something until we get there. There was no themed-porn from the airline.

After the initial shock wore off, at least 19 passengers, and one flight attendant, quickly met the call, air dropping hundreds of nudes to the pilot who responded with gratitude. I would like to thank you all. I had lost my faith in humanity but these gestures gave me hope.

His hopes were dashed as he looked through the photos the passengers had sent him and realized his plane was full of depraved people who wouldn't even be found on the internet.

The post is called...satire.