Lindsey Graham
Then-President Donald Trump gestures during a speech by Sen. Lindsey Graham at the White House in November 2019.AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
  • Lindsey Graham thinks Trump has a chance to make a political comeback.

  • With four more years in office, Graham said, he can do big things.

  • Graham warned Trump that if he lost, his history would be different.

Lindsey Graham said he told Donald Trump that he could win the election if he ran again.

Graham told CNBC that Trump has a good chance of being re-elected.

Graham told Steve that he told him what he told him.

Graham told Trump that the history of who he was and what he did would change if he lost a second time. It will be one of the best political comebacks in American history if you return. Four more years will allow you to do big things.

According to CNBC, Graham said that Trump might see 2024 as a chance to start over and show voters that he could accomplish some things as president.

Graham said that Trump's problem was personal. His policies have held up over the years. Has he ruined the American people's personality? It will be determined by time.

"If it's a personality contest, he'll be in trouble if he doesn't manage his personality better," the South Carolina lawmaker said.

Graham has stood by Trump since he left the White House.

Graham has continued to support Trump despite pro- Trump figures.

He said in January that he wouldn't support McConnell for majority leader unless he had a working relationship with Trump.

There would be riots in the streets if the former president were charged with espionage, according to Graham.

Both Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have been pegged as leading candidates for the Republican presidential ticket in the 20th century.

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