US Open Tennis

The U.S. Open will be held in New York in September of 2020. The photo was taken by Eduardo Munoz-Alvarez.

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After drilling a two-handed backhand winner up the line to break Rafael Nadal in the third set of their U.S. Open encounter Monday afternoon, Pete Rose sprinted past the net to his chair.

He uncorked a 113-mph ace to cement the third set and eventually finished off the 22-time Grand Slam champion and No.2 seed. It was the biggest win of the young man's career.

The last American man to win a major title was Andy Roddick at the 2003 US Open. The Serbian will face the Russian in the quarters.

"I don't know what to say at the moment," he said. I'm almost in tears because I'm beyond happy.

He has to be one of the best. I played a lot of tennis. I'm not sure what happened.

US Open Tennis

The U.S. Open will take place in New York. This photo was taken by Julia.

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It was the first loss of the season for Nadal, who had won the first two legs of the Grand Slams. He had to pull out of the Wimbledon semifinals because of an abdominal injury. It was the end of a streak of 17 straight majors that reached the quarterfinals or better.

The difference is that I played a bad match and he played a good one. That's it, no? I didn't have a high level of tennis for a while. I was not fast enough. I was unable to push him back because he was taking the ball too early. He was superior to me.

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The possibility of a Nadal-Kyrgios or Nadal-Medvedev final on Sunday is gone because the top two seeds are out of the tournament. The last time Nadal played here, he won the title against Medvedev. He did not play for two years because of injuries.

The loser of Nadal's match will win the U.S. Open for the third year in a row. They have won 15 of the last 17 major tournaments.

US Open Tennis

The fourth round of the U.S. Open will take place in New York. This photo was taken by Julia.

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During the French Open, Nadal had to have multiple injections to numb his foot because of a rare condition called Muller-Weiss syndrome. The abdominal injury he suffered at Wimbledon kept him out for a month before he lost his first match at the U.S. Open.

Some people think that Nadal has overcompensated for his foot injury by putting too much pressure on his stomach.

Maria Francisca Perello, Nadal's wife, was recently hospitalized for problems with her unborn child.

He said that he might win Wimbledon if he doesn't get injured. I might win more things in the future. I might have lost more things because I wasn't able to create this interior power after all the injuries.

It's part of my career. We need to be able to critique ourselves. If you are able to find solutions, that's the only way to improve.

I have been practicing for a while. My level dropped when the competition started. That is the truth. There were a lot of mental issues in the last couple of months.

It does not matter. We went to the fourth round of the U.S. Open, but I was beaten by a player that was better than me. That's the reason I'm flying back home.

APTOPIX US Open Tennis

The fourth round of the U.S. Open will take place in New York. This photo was taken by Julia.

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He didn't know when he'd return to the court.

He said he needed to return. I don't know when I'll come back. I'll try to be prepared. I'll be there when I'm ready to compete again.

Chris Fowler reported on air that Nadal had his wrist taped after he dropped the first set.

Nadal denied that he went for a medical timeout. There's a bathroom break. I bandaged my hands to stop the humidity. All that's left is that.

Nadal was one of the best returners of all time. Both Nadal and Tiafoe broke him. Four of six break opportunities were covnerted by tiafoe.

In the fourth set, Nadal broke for a 3-1 lead with an inside out forehand to the corner and then shouted towards his box. After a shaky service game from Nadal, Tiafoe was able to break back.

When Nadal returned a two-handed backhand into the high part of the net, he was broken for the first time.

After Nadal fought off one game point, Tiafoe blasted a 134-mph ace on the second one to take the lead.

With Nadal serving to stay in the match, he lost it on the second match point when he hit a backhand into the net.

The U.S. Open is still open. Marin Cilic was the only Grand Slam champion still in action on Monday.

With the American dry spell going on for 20 years, the man has to be wondering why not him.