The White Chandelier is a site specific artwork created by Ai Weiwei for The St. Regis Venice.

A ball of light, composed of great glass vines that twist in great arches around each other, presents a unique one-of-a-kind work handmade in collaboration with the master artisans of Berengo Studio.

Through the chandelier, the artist explores the classical imagery of Venetian glass chandeliers and sets out to interpret it in his own unique way. As always, Ai Weiwei takes us by surprise, on closer inspection the foliage and delicate florals of the chandelier's baroque exterior give way to a series of unexpected guests, items, and creatures that cut through the ornate botanical foliage with contemporary gusto. A pair of handcuffs hang from a branch, crabs scuttle over flowers and leaves, and an isolated hand raises a finger in protest. These items are similar to clues, symbols that are weighted by their different associations, each carrying with them their own stories.

Ai Weiwei photographed his own hand with a raised middle finger before monuments and sites of power and prestige around the world, as part of his famous photographic series "Study of Perspective". The porcelain river crabs are a reference to the 2010 installation titled "He Xie", which was also a reference to the Chinese government's use of internet censors. A glass bird in the form of an icon on the social media platform sits silently within the landscape. This chandelier of Ai Weiwei has a complex network of ideas and forms, a web of artistic references and meanings that trace the entire oeuvre of the contemporary artist.

The main character of our Gran Salone is Ai Weiwei's "White Chandelier". The hotel has become a hub for contemporary art. Patrizia Hofer, General Manager of The St. Regis Venice, says that the address is the best in Venice. The hotel is a luxury destination, rich in history and tradition, inspired by the city's artistic heritage, which combines contemporary innovation with a series of distinguished guests and artists to allow travelers and art lovers to discover the city from a whole new perspective.

The artwork is illuminated by a partnership between the Italian lighting company and the studio. The artist celebrated the debut of the White Chandelier in the main entrance hall of the historic hotel at an exclusive cocktail event on August 28th.

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There is a story about Ai Weiwei.

In addition to Beijing, Ai Weiwei lives and works in Berlin, Cambridge, and Lisbon. He works in film, writing and social media.

The studio is called Berengo.

The purpose of the studio was to create a space for creatives of all disciplines to experiment with glass. The last thirty years have seen the studio test the limits of contemporary glassmaking with its innovative and inventive approach. The idea to invite contemporary artists from around the world to collaborate with the skilled glass maestros was inspired by the work of Picasso and Costantini. He has collaborated with many people, including Ai Weiwei, Thomas Schtte, and Laure Prouvost. Sculptures made at the studio can be seen in museums, galleries, and collections around the world, and the studio is seen as the leading glass furnace for artistic collaboration.

The lighting factory.

Since 1991, Luce5 has been working with architects, lighting designers, artists, and creatives who want to realise unique projects with light. The Lighting Factory is an ambitious project that gathers and enhances the skills and competencies that Luce5 has developed. The name of the project pays homage to one of the most famous artist studios of all time, Andy Warhol's The Factory. Light and its control are essential to enhance and appreciate the details of any artwork and Luce5 combines technical expertise with extensive research, cooperation, creativity and ambition to ensure every project is matched to its own unique lighting system

There is a hotel in Venice called the St. Regis Venice.

The St. Regis Venice is located next to the Grand Canal and has a view of Venice's most famous landmarks. The hotel's design celebrates the modern spirit of Venice, with 130 guest-rooms and 39 suites, many with private terraces and incomparable views of the city. Uncompromising glamour extends to the hotel's restaurants and bars, which offer a range of exquisite dining and beverage options for Venetians and visitors alike. The hotel has a choice of areas that can be easily transformed and personalized to host guests for more formal functions. In the Library, there are occasions held in the Lounge or the Boardroom. An ideal backdrop for significant celebrations can be found in the Canaletto Room. You can find more information at

About the hotels and resorts of St. Regis.

More than 50 luxury hotels and resorts are located in the best addresses around the world. The brand has remained committed to an uncompromising level of bespoke and anticipatory service for all of its guests, delivered perfectly by the St. Visit for more information or follow us on social media. Marriott Bonvoy is a travel program from Marriott International. The program has an extraordinary portfolio of global brands, exclusive experiences on Marriott Bonvoy Moments and unparalleled benefits including complimentary nights and elite status recognition. You can enroll for free at

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