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Now is the time to apply for the Capital One Venture X rewards credit card.

Airport lounge access is one of the perks of a premium credit card. The most lucrative path to a Priority Pass membership of any premium credit card is offered by the Capital One Venture X rewards credit card.

That is only one of the many great perks of the card, as it also offers a great welcome bonus, $300 annual travel credit, 10K anniversary bonus miles, access to Capital One Lounges, and access to the president's circle.

I was approved for this card immediately after applying, and I know many OMAAT readers are in the same situation.

I wanted to give an update on how the Priority Pass membership works on the Capital One Venture X.

How the Capital One Venture X Priority Pass perk works

Priority Pass membership is offered by the Capital One Venture X and provides access to airport lounges around the world. Up to two guests can be brought with a cardmember when they visit a lounge. The card offers this as part of its benefits.

In a bit more detail, let's talk about the Priority Pass membership.

What is Priority Pass?

The world's largest network of independent airport lounges is called Priority Pass. Priority Pass is a program that pays third-party lounges to admit its members. Priority Pass is offered as a perk on a lot of premium credit cards.

The Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami belongs to Priority Pass

How do you sign-up for your Priority Pass membership?

After you are approved for the Capital One Venture X, you will be able to enroll in Priority Pass, according to Capital One. I received my credit card in the mail two days after I was approved and was able to register for my Priority Pass membership. is where cardmembers can sign up. You have to enter your card number at the link.

The first thing you have to do is choose your country of residence.

The next page will let you know that the Priority Pass membership is free.

You will have to register your account through five pages. The card won't be charged, but this is just to verify that you're supposed to get a free membership

When you enroll, you will get instant access to your digital Priority Pass card, and then you will receive a physical card.

It took me about two weeks to get my card in the mail. My Priority Pass card number has 11 digits, and my card number begins with 104.

The Priority Pass card from the Venture X

It's worth mentioning that people with multiple Priority Pass cards can get confused about which card was issued with which credit card, so this can be worth knowing.

It is my understanding that the Capital One Venture X is the only card that will allow you to use it directly to access Priority Pass locations.

Do authorized users get a Priority Pass membership?

If you add up to four authorized users to the Capital One Venture X, they will each receive a Priority Pass membership. There aren't many cards that give priority pass memberships for free.

The Alaska Lounge JFK belongs to Priority Pass

Which lounges can you visit with Priority Pass?

You can find out which lounges you can access by looking at the website or app. You can usually find it by the airport. Review the entry restrictions when you check out a lounge. Some lounges only accept Priority Pass members at certain times of the day, others have limits on how long you can stay in the lounge.

How often can you access lounges?

unlimited lounge visits are offered by the Priority Pass membership. You can visit multiple lounges at a single airport, but can you visit lounges as often as you want? If you travel the same day, there are no limits on how many times you can access the airport lounges.

Access unlimited lounges with Priority Pass

How many guests can you bring into lounges?

Up to two guests can be taken with you into lounges on a complimentary basis with the Priority Pass membership. Guests may have to present their same day boarding pass if they are accompanying you. You can take two guests with you into Priority Pass lounges for an unlimited number of times.

Priority Pass has a website where you can find out if lounges have capacity limits or not.

Can you get credits at Priority Pass restaurants?

There are many Priority Pass restaurants today. Priority Pass members can receive a credit toward food and drinks in lieu of access to a lounge at some airports.

Priority Pass memberships can be used for credits at Priority Pass restaurants. The policy of the card is in line with the policy of the Chase Reserve Card, which doesn't offer credits at these restaurants.

When you arrive at an eligible Priority Pass restaurant, just inform the host or server that you're a Priority Pass member, and they'll advise you of the process, sometimes your card is swiped at the start of the meal, but other times it's swiped at the end of

Dine at Priority Pass restaurants with the Venture X

Can you access Capital One Lounges with Priority Pass?

The first Capital One Lounge opened at DFW, and there are more to come. You can access them with your credit card, rather than with your Priority Pass membership.

It is not possible to get access to Capital One Lounges with a Priority Pass membership.

Access Capital One Lounges with the Venture X

So you don’t have to pay to visit Priority Pass lounges?!

Some people have pointed out that the website of Priority Pass lists membership costs as high as $429 per year. If you purchase a membership directly from Priority Pass, you will get that membership included with your credit card.

Priority Pass sells memberships directly to consumers and also sells memberships to credit card companies which give them as perks to card members. You don't have to pay anything extra for the Priority Pass membership you receive through Capital One Venture X. It won't cost you more to join and visit the lounges.

The Capital One Venture X membership is close to the $429 "Prestige" membership in terms of perks. That is higher than the yearly fee on the Venture X.

Why the Capital One Venture X is the best card for Priority Pass

There are several premium credit cards that offer Priority Pass memberships, but I think Capital One Venture X is the most rewarding one.

  • The Venture X has among the lowest annual fees ($395) of any card offering a Priority Pass membership
  • Not only that, but a vast majority of cardmembers should be able to recoup most or all of the annual fee from the $300 annual travel credit and 10,000 anniversary bonus miles every year (personally I think those two perks alone are worth more than the annual fee)
  • On top of that, you can add up to four authorized users to the Venture X, and they each get a Priority Pass membership at no additional cost, with identical privileges

This is the only credit card that offers a Priority Pass membership. This card is used by people looking for Priority Pass memberships not only for themselves, but for friends and family as well.

The Venture X has an unrivaled value proposition for Priority Pass

Bottom line

There are a lot of perks at the Capital One Venture X. Priority Pass memberships are appreciated by many people. You can take two guests with you to 1300+ lounges around the world with this offer. This benefit includes credits at Priority Pass restaurants.

I think this is the most lucrative credit card out there for getting a Priority Pass membership, in terms of the card's annual fee, how much of that you recover, and the ability to get Priority Pass memberships for your authorized users.

What do you think about the Priority Pass perk?