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Brian Kelly is a strong man.

One of the first jobs the man ever had was as a softball coach at Assumption College. He climbed all the way to head football coach at Grand Valley State in Michigan after eight years and went on to become head-coaching jobs at Central Michigan and Cincinnati. No one in the history of Notre Dame football has ever done anything like that. It's fine if the administration didn't make the upgrades he wanted on time. There aren't hard feelings. He would go to LSU.

What did he do after getting there? The exception of Brad Davis was allowed to go. He allowed Tommy Moffitt to walk after a tenure that included three national titles.

There was a quarterback room that included blue-chip freshman Walker Howard and sophomores Garrett Nussmeier and Myles Brennan. He convinced Brennan to leave the transfer portal. When Daniels became available, Kelly jumped at the chance to bring him in, knowing that it could lead to a quarterback leaving.

He didn't like what he saw when he looked at the most talented player on the team. Kelly wanted to know why he wasn't involved in practice. He didn't matter that he was recovering from an ankle injury or that he was considering transferring. Kelly questioned his commitment.

Don't fit in. Don't read the whole "fish out of water" story. Kelly took control of the boat.

When LSU president William Tate spoke to the media in late November, he said that Kelly was the most accomplished football coach the university had ever hired. He's the winningest active coach in college football, and three times has been named Home Depot Coach of the year. One morning this spring, Kelly spoke to the sports network from his office.

He said that he had been in this area for 32 years. You would think that I have a good idea of what the plan should be. I'm the luckiest IrishCatholic in the history of college football because I've been throwing balls up in the air for a long time.

He said that nobody leaves Notre Dame, but at the same time, very few people realize how rare a second act is in football. Do you think it's fun? He looked happy.

He said no doubt. It's a restart in life as well. What is wrong with being in it for 32 years and then being able to lead a program like LSU?

Don't ask anyone there. There are still feelings for that place. They couldn't be happier to have Kelly ahead of the season opener on Sunday against Florida State. The app is available on the following platforms:


The fans at the LSU basketball game were addressed by Brian Kelly.

The last coach to make waves like this at LSU was Nick Saban, an outsider who went to the SEC in search of more.

Kelly said he spoke with the man who encouraged him to take the chance. The people in Louisiana are great and passionate, that's what the message from Nick was.

It will be very helpful if you can use that to your advantage.

Kelly was leaning into Louisiana. He learned how to do the Griddy after trying on a Southern accent.

I THEN TAUGHT @CoachBrianKelly THE GRIDDY , ITS UP NOW🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🕺🏿 #GOTIGERS #GETGRIDDY @LSUfootball pic.twitter.com/pzPYPyRDAD

— LAHGRIDDY👌🏾 (@LAHGRIDDY2x) January 30, 2022

He looked silly and sounded ridiculous. The social networking site went crazy. Kelly did not back down. He spoke at SEC media days in Atlanta.

He said that he has a Boston, Midwestern, Louisiana accent. Three dialects are combined into one. I have a lot of stuff to throw at you. Be prepared.

The picture of Brian Kelly, grinning and practically winking into the camera, is almost completely different from the buttoned-up coach who was on the sideline for the past decade.

He wore a tie and a jacket all the time. It could be that Notre Dame was perceived to me as an Irish Catholic growing up in Boston. I did what I was told to do.

You feel more relaxed here because you can wear shorts and flip-flops. It's a completely different vibe if that's a vibe.

Kelly stopped dead in his tracks when a reporter asked him what his first boil was like.

He said they had 10 of them.

He said something for a second. He said that a good crawfish boil is all about seasoning, but when you're having one as part of a university function and water and soda are the only options, they just don't cut it.

He said that the essence of a Crawfish boil is to drink beer.

There's a game called bingo. His birth certificate needs to be changed Now, he can claim Louisiana.

Kelly acknowledges that fitting in only works in the SEC if you are winning.

He said it was coming together. The process is a process.

He looked at LSU as a distressed asset in business when he was considering leaving Notre Dame. He stated that there was air coming out of the tire. After winning the national championship, the losses and off-field mistakes piled up fast. Kelly was told of the NCAA investigation before he arrived.

You look at the injury report, the academic progress report, and the transfer portal when you get here.

He looked at a roster that only had a few scholarship players and a receiver on the first team.

There were offices that had been empty for a year. He learned that some positions were not clearly defined.

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