Mark Gurman reported that Apple discussed the idea of launching some models without a sim card slot. The move would be part of Apple's push towards eSIMs, according to Gurman.

There is a chance that the change will not happen until the next iteration of the device, the iPhone 15, according to Gurman. There have been rumors about the removal of the sim card slot.

Gurman wrote in his newsletter that Apple will give eSIM a bigger push this time around. Apple may remove the physical sim card slot from some models in the near future.

eSIM availability is rapidly expanding, but the technology is not available in all countries, so some iPhone models with a sim card slot may remain available for at least one more year.

iPhone 13 models sold at Apple Stores and on don't have a nano-SIM card in the box, with users typically able to use eSIM by turning on the phone, connecting to a wi-fi network, and following the instructions on the screen.

The removal of the sim card slot could help to improve the water resistance of the device.

The Steve Jobs Theater is expected to be the site of a special event on Wednesday. The Apple Watch Series 8 models, a new Apple Watch SE, and an Apple Watch Pro are expected to be announced.